Clojure Recipes

Developers are discovering the immense power of Clojure's functional programming model to quickly solve problems in domains ranging from social networking to Big Data. Targeting the Java Virtual Machine, Clojure also leverages the Java platform's maturity and enormous ecosystem. Clojure Recipes is the first and only "code cookbook" for this increasingly popular language. Julian Gamble focuses on practical and complete examples that illuminate Clojure's key features and show step-by-step how to solve real-world problems with it. Offering far more useful code than any other Clojure book, Clojure Recipes also targets the latest version of Clojure - unlike many other web and printed sources, which provide samples for obsolete releases of the language.
Through a series of "learn by doing" step-by-step projects, you'll learn how to: * Create database schema and populating databases * Add website user authentication, exception handling, email notifications, RSS, and Twitter feeds * Build a basic Clojurescript website, and set up asset pipelines for Clojurescript assets * Solve concurrency problems with Clojure's advanced concurrency primitives * Extend ring to write an NTLM authentication system that seamlessly integrates websites into enterprise environments * Abstract boilerplate code into a macro * Use Core Logic to generate test data and build schedulers * Get started with Datomic * Build log readers, web app monitors, web testing suites, customized Ant tasks, and more


Julian Gamble (Sydney, Australia) is a software engineer who has worked in the financial services industry for more than a decade. When he's not enabling billions of dollars to orbit the globe, he writes and presents on all things software related at juliangamble.com/blog.

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