Getting MEAN with Mongo, Express, Angular, and Node

Traditional web dev stacks can require different programming languages for every layer, creating a complex mashup of code and frameworks. Together, the MongoDB database, the Express and AngularJS web application frameworks, and Node.js on the server-side constitute the MEAN stack-a powerful web development platform that uses JavaScript top to bottom. Getting MEAN with Mongo, Express, Angular, and Node shows readers how to develop web applications end-to-end using the MEAN stack. It systematically discusses each technology in the MEAN stack helping to build up an application one layer at a time, just as in a real project. First, it tackles creating a skeleton of a static site in Express and Node, and pushing it up to a live web server. Next, it looks at the MongoDB database and how to build an API for an application. Finally, it rolls out Angular to handle data manipulation and application logic in the browser, demonstrating the payoff for organizing the back-end code properly. By the end of the book, readers will have all the skills-and code-needed to build a dynamic data-driven web application on the MEAN stack.
RETAIL SELLING POINTS Create dynamics websites using the MEAN technology stack Covers best practices of application development Loads of code samples throughout AUDIENCE This book includes a quick JavaScript recap, but some web development experience is helpful. It's especially useful for front-end developers who want to learn more about the server-side of a web application. Market Information. ABOUT THE TECHNOLOGY The MEAN stack is a powerful web development platform that uses JavaScript top to bottom. Developers love it because they need only one programming language for the whole stack. Business owners love it because the open source technologies in the MEAN stack are scalable and cost effective. Most importantly, end users love it because web apps are fast and responsive. It's a win-win-win!


Simon Holmes has been a full stack developer since the late '90s, integrating a variety of front-end and back-end technologies. He is part of the Technical Solutions team at LivePerson, developing new components and meeting technology integration requests from enterprise clients.

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