His Boss' Willing Male Slave (BDSM Training Erotica)

Marcus is young, driven, and just landed his dream job at a multinational software conglomerate - but he nearly ruins it all by showing up late for work after a night of celebration. 

Thankfully, he's rescued at the last moment by the mysterious Steven Northbeld, one of the most powerful men at the company - but Marcus quickly discovers that Mr. Northbeld has other, more sordid plans for him.

When he's invited to his boss' home one what appears to be a date, he's shocked to discover a collection of male guests in the throes of debauchery.

Finally giving himself over to Steven Northbeld, Marcus is about to be initiated in the ways of pure, unadultered pleasure... but first, he must learn how to obey orders. 


Marcus stood nervously as the other men within the room smiled coyly at each other and began to move. Some removed their shirts and pants, others kissed passionately on the couch, and many moved to the hidden rooms within the basement. Marcus felt completely out of place and humiliated as the other guests ignored him, but continued their unbridled advances on each other. He could feel Amy and Steve watching him.

"Sometimes it's best to just let yourself go once in a while," Steve explained as he approached the stunned observer.

A gentle hand cupped his chin and Marcus was kissed again by the gorgeous man, but he could feel Amy's eyes on him.

"You have a wife."

"Yesss," Steve purred. "She is a lovely asexual woman with a craving to dominate and observe. Such a voyeur." He pressed Marcus to his body and the two kissed with more urgency.

"And you?"

Steve smiled, but Marcus could feel the impatience in his touches. The man trailed his hands under Marcus's soft shirt and he allowed it. "I'm an equal opportunity lover. I find all kinds of people attractive."

"Then why—

Steve hushed the younger man's words with his mouth. Marcus was guided away from the activity on the couches nearby and toward the door deeper in the bowels of the basement. The heated mouth upon his was needy, barely allowing him a chance to breathe. His air was stolen from him and the strong arms wrapped around torso were firm and unyielding. Marcus quivered, feeling defenseless and weak in the man's grasp.


B.J. is an experienced lover and fabulous free spirit with a heart of gold. He loves writing saucy stories about his favorite twink fantasies, bear bodies, and beautiful boys. 

By day, B.J. lives with his two amazing dogs, Lola and Sophia, and spends more than his share of evenings in the company of his latest fling. 

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