Paleo Coconut Flour Recipe Book -A health food transformation guide-

About the Book:

What seems to be the latest diet & lifestyle trend? Paleo, or "eating clean"!

To clarify what a Paleo diet is, it is when one consumes nothing but natural foods (a motto being, if it didn't come from the ground, then it ain't goin' in my mouth!). When taking on this craze and transitioning to the Paleo diet, you come across the dilemma of being unable to eat the majority of your favorite foods, particularly for one reason; they all contain white flour!

Although it is impossible to take the white flour out of your processed-shelf food favorites, through the pages of this book you will find a whole bunch of recipes dedicated AGAINST the use of white flour!

Although most of the recipes are not 100% Paleo, this gives you the first step to making one of the BIGGEST swaps in the Paleo diet.

So come on! Check it out!


We begin this recipe guide by learning a little bit about white flour and how coconut flour really and truly provides a healthier swap. We learn about the nutritional facts of coconut flour and some baking tips to progress us into our recipes!

We start off with some breakfast recipes and then head on over to lunch and dinner when we FINALLY reach the major (and favorited) section of this recipe guide; the desserts!

In the dessert section, we learn how to bake everything from cakes, to pies, to mousses, and more! All with the help of our newest friend; the coconut flour!

What are you waiting for? Let's get started!

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Paleo Coconut Flour Recipe Book -A health food transformation guide-

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