The Only Pirate at the Party

Dancing electronic violinist Lindsey Stirling shares her unconventional journey in an inspiring memoir filled with the energy, persistence, and humor that have helped her successfully pursue a passion outside the box.

A classically trained musician gone rogue, Lindsey Stirling is the epitome of independent, millennial-defined success: after being voted off the set of America’s Got Talent, she went on to amass more than ten million social media fans, record two full-length albums, release multiple hits with billions of YouTube views, and to tour sold-out venues across the world.

Lindsey is not afraid to be herself. In fact, it’s her confidence and individuality that have propelled her into the spotlight. But the road hasn’t been easy. After being rejected by talent scouts, music reps, and eventually on national television, Lindsey forged her own path, step by step. Detailing every trial and triumph she has faced until now, Lindsey shares stories of her humble yet charmed childhood, humorous adolescence, life as a struggling musician, personal struggles with anorexia, and finally, success as a world-class entertainer. Lindsey’s magnetizing story—at once remarkable and universal—is a testimony that there is no singular recipe for success, and despite what people may say, sometimes it’s okay to be The Only Pirate at the Party.
Lindsey Stirling is an acclaimed electronic violinist, who has over 7 million YouTube subscribers, and 11 billion views on her YouTube channel. She has enjoyed Billboard chart-topping hits and sold out tours worldwide, all without the backing of a label. To date, she has released two studio albums: her 2013 self-titled debut and the smash 2014 follow up, Shatter Me. The latter debuted at #2 on the Billboard 200 and won her a Billboard Music Award for “Top Dance/Electronic Album.” On stage, Lindsey combines the infectious energy of dance, electronica, and modern classical music with ballet-inspired dance moves. In her spare time, Lindsey is a motivational speaker, and she uses her own story to help others build confidence, hope, and passion.

Brooke S. Passey is a writer, a horseback riding instructor, and the co-author of this book. She is also a member of her local book club, The Muumuu Society, where women of all ages gather in support of literature and muumuu sales. Brooke currently lives in Arizona with her husband, several horses, and a puggle with an embarrassing underbite.

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1 Bewertung

Ein MUSS für jeden Stirlingite!!!
von einer Kundin/einem Kunden aus Markranstädt am 01.03.2016

Das Buch ist sehr gut geschrieben, auch für die, die in Englisch nicht so ganz aufgepasst haben ;) Man hat einen sehr intimen Einblick in Lindseys Leben, von Ihrer Kindheit bis heute. Sie hat auch sehr viele Biler mit reingenommen. Auch sehr schön finde ich, dass sie, auch als das... Das Buch ist sehr gut geschrieben, auch für die, die in Englisch nicht so ganz aufgepasst haben ;) Man hat einen sehr intimen Einblick in Lindseys Leben, von Ihrer Kindheit bis heute. Sie hat auch sehr viele Biler mit reingenommen. Auch sehr schön finde ich, dass sie, auch als das Buch schon fertig war, trotzdem noch ein Andenken an Gavi rein gemacht hat. (#WeAreGavi) Alles in Allem einfach fantastisch. KSLL

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