The Romance of Nick and Layla (The Complete Series)

Nick and Layla met and fell in love when they were both young and stupid, and fell into the superficial trappings of fame and wealth. They soon discovered that they brought out the best and the worst in each other, and their marriage - a secret to even their own families - suffered as a result. "The Romance of Nick and Layla" is a series of six parts that tells the story of a couple's dysfunctional relationship over the course of nearly twenty years.

WALK AWAY (Part 1): 
Layla doesn't believe in love, and yet there is only one man in the world who has ever had her heart: Nick Hudson. A pop star famous the world over, Nick is everything a girl would want in a man. But their secret marriage is taking a toll on Layla's life, and every day she's finding it more difficult to stay with the man who gives her every reason to walk away. 

SORRY (Part 2): 
Four months after their bitter fall-out, Nick and Layla are on the brink of divorce. He wants to start anew, but she's keeping a secret that could change the very shape of their relationship for good. Still, their emotional manipulations are the only way they know how to communicate, even when it seems there is little left to save of their tumultuous marriage. 

WHITE FLAG (Part 3): 
Nick Hudson and Layla Garrett are in unfamiliar territory. Divorced. Expecting. Living under one roof. While Nick's career has taken a backseat to his impending responsibilities as a father, Layla's professional life is just starting, and she's found a life for herself she can finally enjoy. The connection between them is as potent as ever, but sometimes people just aren't meant to be, no matter how much they used to love each other. 

DAMAGED (Part 4): 
Whatever life throws at them they always seem to find a way back together. Until now. 

They've barely survived the worst tragedy imaginable, but it's taken a toll and this time they have broken beyond repair. Years and thousands of miles have kept them apart, and just when Layla thinks she can live again Nick is suddenly there, reminding her of their painful loss and forcing her to come face to face with that which has broken her the most. 

Can they find a way back together, or is it the end of the romance of Nick and Layla? 

UNDONE (Part 5): 
Cheating is a concept Layla is familiar with, having lived through Nick's multiple transgressions throughout their many years of marriage. They've both paid for his sins with their love and their happiness, and after years apart they've managed to repair their damaged relationship into something resembling "normal", albeit with other people beside them. 

Unfortunately, Layla has discovered that what once was given cannot be fully returned, and for her that is the one thing she gave to Nick wholly and unconditionally: her heart. And it is in her heart where she keeps that which matters most: his love, a love that has never diminished, a love that continues to fight for her despite every obstacle against it, and a love which she cannot escape… not even when the chance for new love comes around. 

Can a heart be given away twice, when it's given fully away first? 

One secret marriage. One drunk-in-Vegas marriage. Two divorces. His affairs. Countless fights. The loss of precious life. Finding each other in the darkness... It's been a tough fifteen years for pop star Nick Hudson and the love of his life, Layla Garrett, but they've finally found a way to make it work. 

Or have they? 

After all Nick and Layla have been through, was there anything else that could threaten to bring them down once and for all? What does Happily Ever After look like for a couple who have never been able to make it work?

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