The Winners Laws

30 Absolutely Unbreakable Habits of Success: Everyday Step-by-Step Guide to Rich and Happy Life

The Winners Laws by Bodo Schafer is a #1 bestselling book in the world that has helped innumerable people and you can be one of them!
What is it that you want most out of life? Is it wealth, power or happiness perhaps? For many people the direction of their future is not understandable and they just let the life sweep them. Wouldn't it be great if there were some set of rules and laws to follow, which could help you to join the ranks of the productive and the successful? As it turns out, there are.
Bodo Schafer is a successful time management trainer. Through his time spent as a financial guru, Schafer has come up with a set of 30 laws that, if you follow them, can drastically improve the quality of your life. The laws give you the tools used by the world's elite in order to gain control of your life and obtain the confidence you need to move forward with purpose of a real winner.
Reading this book you will:
- learn how to be happy, smart, and successful
- get the tools for achieving your aims
- learn secret to have immeasurable confidence
- And so much more!
Bodo Schäfer– one of the leading consultants in Europe, writer and businessman. His seminars are held in many countries around the world. Bodo Schaefer is a practitioner in the field of time management and financial management, has an unusual way of thinking, for which he received wide acclaim. His book "The Money or the ABC of money,” "The path to financial independence,” "How to learn how to earn more,” "Laws of the winners,” "The money goes to benefit women”, as well as writing workshops are popular all over the world, including in Russia. For many people, they have manuals on financial matters and management of their time.
At 26 years old Bodo Schaefer became bankrupt, owes creditors 75 000 marks. After two and a half years for the first time in his life earned 100,000 marks a month, and then his first million. Today, Bodo Schafer shares his knowledge, he conducts workshops in many countries, including Germany, Belgium, USA, Australia and Turkey. With regard to Russia, Schaefer believes that now, no country is moving forward as quickly as she did. Russians, with a thirst for catching up and learn something new. Now in Russia – is the best time to become a millionaire.
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