Bernd Schmelz

Prof. Dr. Bernd Schmelz is Scientific Director of the
Hamburg Museum of Anthropology and Professor of Latin
American Studies at the University of Hamburg.

Die Inka von Bernd Schmelz

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Die Inka
  • Die Inka
  • Buch (Taschenbuch)

The Inca continue to fascinate us today. The book presents their unique history from its beginnings to the conquest by the Spaniards in the 16th century. The book also presents the sources and the research methods used. It provides a comprehensive insight into their state, social and religious structures as well as into everyday life and festivals. It includes the many research findings in recent years, particularly among the provinces of the Inca Empire, and
makes them accessible to a wider audience. This brilliantly written and easy to understand book includes everything there is to know about the state and society, urban planning and architecture and precursor cultures.

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