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Christoph Schwandt ist Chefdramaturg der Oper Köln. Er arbeitete zuvor bei den Salzburger Festspielen sowie an den Bühnen in Essen, Bonn und Oldenburg. Er ist Autor u.a. von Biografien der Komponisten Georges Bizet und Giuseppe Verdi sowie zahlreicher Publikationen und Rundfunksendungen über Musik und Musiker in der Zeit des Nationalsozialismus.

Carl Maria von Weber in seiner Zeit von Christoph Schwandt


Carl Maria von Weber in seiner Zeit
  • Carl Maria von Weber in seiner Zeit
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'Freischütz' and 'Oberon' are the words that come to the minds of many music-loving people when thinking of the composer Carl Maria von Weber, and perhaps even his brilliant piano work 'Die Aufforderung zum Tanz'. However, there also are four other operas, two symphonies, numerous instrumental concertos, overtures, stage works, and many more.
Carl Maria von Weber was also an important conductor and opera manager as well as a brilliant critic, and he even planned a great artist novel parts of which are still extant. His writings on art and even cultural and educational policy, however, were often removed from their context later and interpreted in biased ways. The result was an image of Weber that is still present today, albeit influenced by the zeitgeist of the late 19th century, although this musician died in London in 1826 already.
This first comprehensive biography after several decades now presents a vivid image of Weber as contemporary of Beethoven in an epoch of political and social unrest from a present-day perspective.

• The only biography of current interest
• Composer, critic, author
• Weber's time from a present-day perspective

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