Christos K. Nikopoulos

Dr Christos Nikopoulos, a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst® at a doctoral level and former Director of the BACB®, has served as a clinician, a University lecturer, an educator, a consultant, a researcher, and an author in the area of ASD for more than 18 years. He has obtained international experience in working with children with ASD and their families and has published widely on the topic.

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Lernen durch Videomodellierung

Lernen durch Videomodellierung

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During, at least, the last two decades, there has been a shift in emphasis from language-based instruction to more visual instructional supports as a catalyst for learning in individuals with ASD. Given their visual superiority, it is perhaps not surprising that the majority of current educational programmes are frequently employ visual supports. In particular, the list of video modelling achievements is growing fast and covers all performance areas of individuals with ASD. Hence, a comprehensive review of the main video modelling interventions as well as an extensive presentation of the applications of such interventions will be the focus of this booklet.

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