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Ian Mc Ewan

Ian McEwan, geboren 1948 in Aldershot (Hampshire), lebt bei London. 1998 erhielt er den Booker-Preis und 1999 den Shakespeare-Preis der Alfred-Toepfer-Stiftung. Seit seinem Welterfolg ›Abbitte‹ ist jeder seiner Romane ein Bestseller. Zuletzt kamen Verfilmungen von ›Am Strand‹ (mit Saoirse Ronan) und ›Kindeswohl‹ (mit Emma Thompson) in die Kinos. Ian McEwan ist Mitglied der Royal Society of Literature, der Royal Society of Arts und der American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Penguin Readers Level 7: The Children Act (ELT Graded Reader) von Ian Mc Ewan

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Penguin Readers Level 7: The Children Act (ELT Graded Reader)
  • Penguin Readers Level 7: The Children Act (ELT Graded Reader)
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Penguin Readers is an ELT graded reader series for learners of English as a foreign language. With carefully adapted text, new illustrations and language learning exercises, the print edition also includes instructions to access supporting material online.

Titles include popular classics, exciting contemporary fiction, and thought-provoking non-fiction, introducing language learners to bestselling authors and compelling content.

The eight levels of Penguin Readers follow the Common European Framework of Reference for language learning (CEFR). Exercises at the back of each Reader help language learners to practise grammar, vocabulary, and key exam skills. Before, during and after-reading questions test readers' story comprehension and develop vocabulary.

The Children Act, a Level 7 Reader, is B2 in the CEFR framework. The longer text is made up of sentences with up to four clauses, introducing future perfect simple, mixed conditionals, past perfect continuous, mixed conditionals, more complex passive forms and modals for deduction in the past.

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Exclusively with the print edition, readers can unlock online resources including a digital book, audio edition, lesson plans and answer keys.


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