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Rainer Viertlböck

Rainer Viertlboeck, born 1958, has documented the work of Murphy Jahn Architects and the urban fabrics of Munich, Rome, Guangzhou, Pompej, and Chicago. Other projects include WW II bunkers in Normandy, industries and settlements of African immigrants in Southern Spain, and Fukushima. For his interiors of the Munich Highlight Towers and his aerial photographs of the Bangkok Airport he received the 2008 International Photography Award.

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Originated in 1810 to celebrate a royal wedding, the Munich Oktoberfest is the world’s largest funfair, with 200 amusement rides, sidestalls and games, 6 million visitors, and 7 million liters of beer sold each year. In spectacular pictures, award-winning German photographer Rainer Viertlböck has documented the Oktoberfest covering its entire 16-day run. The perfect memory and gift book for Oktoberfest lovers around the globe.

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