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Sue Style is the author of nine books, including the bestselling 'The Taste of Switzerland'. In addition, she writes about food and wine for 'Decanter', the 'Financial Times Weekend', and 'How to Spend It', among many other places. She lives in Alsace, France, not far from the Swiss border.

A Taste of Switzerland von Sue Style

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A Taste of Switzerland
  • A Taste of Switzerland
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Now you can discover some of Switzerland's finest recipes and culinary traditions. A Taste of Switzerland includes more than 50 recipes of specialities from all regions of Switzerland. Chapters focus on festivities, breads, cheeses, sausages, game and mushrooms, the significance of chocolate, fruits, wine, and the art of the Swiss hotelier. There is a bibliography, a list of food and wine museums, an index and 119 luscious colour photographs.

Swiss food, folklore, history and traditions are interspersed with many recipes to give you a tempting taste of the richness of the country's diverse gastronomic cultures. Sue Style's writing stimulates more than your taste buds as she describes the delectable flavours that give a unique identity to each region. She takes you to dairies, vineyards, butchers and bakers, as well as to some of Switzerland's finest restaurants and hotels and shares with you her many impressions, anecdotes - and of course recipes. Clear and simple instructions enable you to prepare a whole range of Swiss dishes and specialities.

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