The Secrets We Kept

The September pick for Reese Witherspoon's Hello Sunshine Book Club


'A thrilling, seductive and utterly compelling novel. I absolutely loved it!' SARAH WINMAN



1956. A celebrated Russian author is writing a book,
Doctor Zhivago, which could spark dissent in the Soviet Union. The Soviets, afraid of its subversive power, ban it.

But in the rest of the world it’s fast becoming a sensation.

In Washington DC, the CIA is planning to use the book to tip the Cold War in its favour.

Their agents are not the usual spies, however. Two typists – the charming, experienced Sally and the talented novice Irina – are charged with the mission of a lifetime: to smuggle
Doctor Zhivago back into Russia by any means necessary.

It will not be easy. There are people prepared to die for this book – and agents willing to kill for it. But they cannot fail – as this book has the power to change history.

Sold in twenty-five countries and poised to become a global literary sensation, Lara Prescott's dazzling first novel is a sweeping page turner and the most hotly anticipated debut of the year.


‘A riveting story of secrets, forbidden passions and the dark arts of espionage. I couldn’t put it down!’ LISA JEWELL

Enthralling... This is a rare page-turner with prose that's as wily as its plot.'

'A proto-feminist Mad Men transposed to the world of international espionage – mid-century style and intrigue set against real, indelible history.'

'A page-turner combining elements of spy, literary, thriller, historic, romantic and gay fiction ... This is escapist fiction rooted in an at times harrowing historical reality.

‘I loved this book. So vivid and engaging. A joy to read a story about spies that has lots of women in active roles.’ CATHY RENTZENBRINK

‘A fascinating story, so cleverly told, of the long chain of people who helped to bring Pasternak’s masterpiece into the world. I gulped it down.’ GILL HORNBY

‘A stylish debut
… Prescott delivers a multi-layered tale’

‘Secrets, female spies, banned books and a love story or two make this a gripping read’

A rip-roaring tale of espionage, Russian literature and some absolutely badass women ... i
f you want a tense thriller, women kicking against an unjust, patriarchal system and a bruising love story, then this is the book for you!’

'Well-researched and cleverly constructed... An intriguing
and little-known chapter of literary history is brought to life.'
KIRKUS (starred review)

'Triumphant ... This debut shines as spy story, publication thriller and historical romance with a twist.'

'Tartly observed ... The Secrets We Kept is headed for widespread popularity'


Early readers can't stop talking about
The Secrets We Kept:

I absolutely devoured it. Totally compelling,
it made my heart swoop until the very last page.'

hrilling, moving and
utterly compelling – one of those rare books that makes you forget the outside world.'

The Secrets We Kept is
a brilliant twist on the traditional Cold War spy thriller. It's told through a cast of intelligent and
intriguing women and is
full of secrets, glamour and love.'

I absolutely loved it, adored it even, and
I can’t stop talking about
The Secrets We Kept'

The Secrets We Kept is
like nothing else I’ve read before. The story is
vivid and alluring, and one that will stay with you forever.'

The Secrets We Kept
reads like a high-stakes, Mad Men inspired, spy thriller. Classy and glamorous, yet revealing and complex, it has a cast of
spectacular characters and a truly emotional core.
This really is something special!'

'It has a quite beautiful ending and would make
an excellent book club book.'

Fascinating and highly addictive to read …
an outstanding story of secrets, freedom of speech and forbidden love.'

'A gripping and illuminating debut,
bound for the bestseller lists'
Lara Prescott was named after the heroine of Doctor Zhivago and first discovered the true story behind the novel after the CIA declassified 99 documents pertaining to its role in the book's publication and covert dissemination.

She travelled the world - from Moscow and Washington, to London and Paris - in the course of her research, becoming particularly interested in political repression in both the Soviet Union and United States and how, during the Cold War, both countries used literature as a weapon.

Lara earned her MFA from the Michener Center for Writers. She lives in Austin, Texas with her husband.
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