Software Engineering Education

8th SEI CSEE Conference, New Orleans, LA, USA, March 29 - April 1, 1995. Proceedings

Lecture Notes in Computer Science Band 895

Rosalind L. Ibrahim

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This volume constitutes the proceedings of the 8th Conference on Software Engineering Education, SEI CSEE 1995, held in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA in March/April 1995.

The volume presents 25 carefully selected full papers by researchers, educators, trainers and managers from the relevant academic, industrial and governmental communities; in addition there are abstracts of keynote speeches, panels, and tutorials.

The topics covered include curriculum issues: Goals - what should we be teaching.- Process issues.- Software engineering in special domains.- Requirements and designs.- People, management, and leadership skills.- Technology issues.- Education and training - needs and trends.


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Erscheinungsdatum 17.02.1995
Herausgeber Rosalind L. Ibrahim
Verlag Springer Berlin
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Maße (L/B/H) 23.5/15.5/2.5 cm
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Auflage 1995
Sprache Englisch
ISBN 978-3-540-58951-8

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  • Keynote address: Some hard questions for software engineering educators.- Essential knowledge for the practising software engineer and the responsibilities of university and industry for her education.- Computer productivity initiative: Past, present, and future.- Software Engineering education: A dragging-through approach.- Establishing software engineering as a profession.- Industry involvement in undergraduate curricula: Reinforcing learning by applying the principles.- The CMU master of Software Engineering core curriculum.- The integration of software engineering into a computer science curriculum.- An evolution of a software engineering curriculum.- Object-oriented technology education and training: Bridging the gap between academia and industry.- CMM-based software process improvement training: The first year.- Keynote Address Education — the world's best investment.- Process improvement in the classroom.- Personal Software Process: An experiential report.- The process of teaching process.- Managing software engineering education in diverse environments.- The role of the software engineer in real-time software development: An introductory course.- Parallel and distributed computing education: A software engineering approach.- Understanding the role of formal specification techniques in requirements engineering.- An integrated approach to teaching requirements modelling.- Is teaching software design a ‘wicked’ problem too?.- Software engineering curriculum development model.- The software process improvement game.- Academic freedom versus quality assurance.- Keynote address: Endangered species? The single-skilled information worker.- Experience in teaching a management-oriented capstone software engineering course.- Team selection methods for student programming projects.- Developing leadership skills in software engineering students through an undergraduate research program.- CARDS Training: Transferring reuse knowledge.- Teaching more comprehensive model-based software engineering: Experience with objectory's use case approach.- On teaching software verification and validation.- The Delphi survey methodology: An approach to determine training needs.- A skills-driven process for training computer professionals.- Is this training? A unique approach to software process training in industry.- Education trends and their impact on management of software engineering education.- Understanding, using and designing for educational uses of the World-Wide Web.- From training to learning: The reengineering of training at DMR Group Inc..- Managing quality in course staging — A working paper.- A Russian software center ascends the SEI maturity: Education by Motorola University.- Teaching practical principles of software measurement.- Teaching object oriented programming and design with Eiffel.- Half day tutorial on the personal process in software engineering.- Research methods in computer science education.