Software Engineering and Human-Computer Interaction

ICSE '94 Workshop on SE-HCI: Joint Research Issues, Sorrento, Italy, May 16-17, 1994. Proceedings.

Lecture Notes in Computer Science Band 896

Richard N. Taylor, Joelle Coutaz

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This volume presents the thoroughly revised proceedings of the ICSE '94 Workshop on Joint Research Issues in Software Engineering and Human-Computer Interaction, held in Sorrento, Italy in May 1994.

In harmony with the main objectives of the Workshop, this book essentially contributes to establishing a sound common platform for exchange and cooperation among researchers and design professionals from the SE and HCI communities. The book includes survey papers by leading experts as well as focused submitted papers. Among the topics covered are design, processes, user interface technology and SE environments, platform independence, prototyping, interactive behaviour, CSCW, and others.


Einband Taschenbuch
Erscheinungsdatum 15.03.1995
Herausgeber Richard N. Taylor, Joelle Coutaz
Verlag Springer Berlin
Seitenzahl 288
Maße (L/B/H) 23.5/15.5/1.9 cm
Gewicht 456 g
Auflage 1995
Sprache Englisch
ISBN 978-3-540-59008-8

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  • Software Engineering and Human-Computer Interaction
  • to the workshop on Software Engineering and Human-Computer Interaction: Joint research issues.- Working group on design methods and processes.- Working group on evaluating user interfaces and user interface tools.- Working group on formal methods in HCI and software engineering.- Issues in the evaluation of user interface tools.- Platform independent GUI builders advance software engineering to handle HCI issues.- Evaluation techniques: Exploring the intersection of HCI and software engineering.- A review of formalisms for describing interactive behaviour.- User interface prototyping: Tools and techniques.- Software engineering and the CHI & CSCW communities.- User interface technology and software engineering environments.- Integrating object-oriented analysis and graphical user interface design.- An experience using Jasminum — Formalization assisting with the design of user interfaces.- From formal models to formal methods.- Computing environments for flexible teams.- Applying formal methods for human error tolerant design.- Support of user interface design aspects in a framework for distributed cooperative applications.- Prototyping a visual formalism for system modelling.- User interface tools: A survey and perspective.- Lessons learned from a successful collaboration between software engineers and human interface engineers.- Software engineering and CSCW: A common research ground.- Practical language-based editing for software engineers.- Research issues in the intersection of hypertext and software development environments.