Typed Lambda Calculi and Applications

Second International Conference on Typed Lambda Calculi and Applications, TLCA '95, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, April 10-12, 1995. Proceedings

Lecture Notes in Computer Science Band 902

Mariangiol Dezani-Ciancaglini, Gordon Plotkin

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Buch (Taschenbuch, Englisch)
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This volume presents the proceedings of the Second International Conference on Typed Lambda Calculi and Applications, held in Edinburgh, UK in April 1995.

The book contains 29 full revised papers selected from 58 submissions and comprehensively reports the state of the art in the field. The following topics are addressed: proof theory of type systems, logic and type systems, typed lambda calculi as models of (higher-order) computation, semantics of type systems, proof verification via type systems, type systems of programming languages, and typed term rewriting systems.


Einband Taschenbuch
Erscheinungsdatum 17.03.1995
Herausgeber Mariangiola Dezani-Ciancaglini, Gordon Plotkin
Verlag Springer Berlin
Seitenzahl 452
Maße (L/B/H) 23.5/15.5/2.4 cm
Gewicht 594 g
Auflage 1995
Sprache Englisch
ISBN 978-3-540-59048-4

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  • Comparing ?-calculus translations in sharing graphs.- Extensions of pure type systems.- A model for formal parametric polymorphism: A per interpretation for system R.- A realization of the negative interpretation of the Axiom of Choice.- Using subtyping in program optimization.- What is a categorical model of Intuitionistic Linear Logic?.- An explicit Eta rewrite rule.- Extracting text from proofs.- Higher-order abstract syntax in Coq.- Expanding extensional polymorphism.- Lambda-calculus, combinators and the comprehension scheme.- ??-Equality for coproducts.- Typed operational semantics.- A simple calculus of exception handling.- A simple model for quotient types.- Untyped ?-calculus with relative typing.- Final semantics for untyped ?-calculus.- A simplification of Girard's paradox.- Basic properties of data types with inequational refinements.- Decidable properties of intersection type systems.- Termination proof of term rewriting system with the multiset path ordering. A complete development in the system Coq.- Typed ?-calculi with explicit substitutions may not terminate.- On equivalence classes of interpolation equations.- Strict functionals for termination proofs.- A verified typechecker.- Categorical semantics of the call-by-value ?-calculus.- A fully abstract translation between a ?-calculus with reference types and Standard ML.- Categorical completeness results for the simply-typed lambda-calculus.- Third-order matching in the presence of type constructors.