Technological Capability of SMEs Metal Fabricating Firms in Nigeria

Technological Capability: determining factors and their effect on firm's performance

Victor Sobanke

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The study assessed technological capability and innovations among small and medium scale metal fabricating firms in southwestern Nigeria, and examined the factors that influenced the accumulation of these technological capabilities. It also assessed the effect of these capabilities on the performance of the fabricating firms. This was with a view to providing data for developing appropriate policy that will promote technology development in the sector. The study was carried out using a sample of 200 metal fabricating firms that are registered with the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria and the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. The results of the study however showed a variation in the Technological Capability Index (TCI) scores of firms in relation to the size of the firms. The study concluded that only the medium scale metal fabricating firms possessed high technological capability in the areas of investment and production activities, and product innovation. Furthermore, some factors such as founders' work experience and in-house training for technical staff also influenced the technological capabilities of these metal fabricating firms.

The author holds M.Sc. in Technology Management from African Institute for Science Policy and Innovation, (OAU), and B.Tech in Management Technology from Lagos State University. He is currently working at the National Centre for Technology Management (NACETEM). His research interests are in the area of firm and national technological capabilities.


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