Cranium Bible Edition Game

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Cranium Bible Edition is a version of the popular party game Cranium. Teams have to complete activities in each of four sections to win:

• Creative Cat : A player must clue a word to his or her teammates by drawing it, sculpting it in clay, or drawing it with his or her eyes closed.
• Data Head : A variety of trivia questions taken from the Bible.
• Word Worm : Players unscramble words, spell challenging words, guess definitions, identify words with letters left out, or spell words backwards.
• Star Performer : players must whistle a song, impersonate a character from the Bible, or act out a clue.

Cranium Bible Edition features all-new cards, and a 3-in-1 game board that lets you choose how long you want to play.


Erscheinungsdatum 20.10.2012
Sprache Englisch
EAN 0830938007198
Hersteller Cactus Game Designs Inc
Maße 26.9/26.8/7.1 cm
Gewicht 1610 g


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