Safe Schools and Students' Rights

Locating Public School Students Rights in the Wake of the Safe Schools Movement

Travis Satterlund

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Revision with unchanged content. In the last couple decades our public schools have increasingly become se­curity-based in the wake of the recent school shootings. In academic circles this recent amalgamation of events and activities has been referred to as the safe schools movement. This study explores the nature of the safe schools movement as a social movement and examines its effects on the rights of public school students through a case study. Findings indicate that the safe schools movement has diminished the rights of public school students due to the policies enacted by schools to ensure school safety. On a national level and likewise in this case, the rates of suspensions and expulsions increased while the violence and the incidents producing suspension decreased. Judi­cial decisions also reveal school officials are afforded wide latitude in con­ducting searches of students, and as such, students' rights have eroded. This book is addressed to those in the fields of education, political science, socio­logy and law. Moreover, school administrators would be well served to read this book since it taps into many issues faced everyday in our public schools.

is a former high school government/history teacher and currently holds a Post-Doctoral Fellowship at UC Berkeley in the School of Public Health. He earned his Ph.D. in Sociology from North Carolina State University and received his J.D. from New College of California School of Law. In the near future he hopes to meet Neil Diamond.


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