State and Nation-Building in Pakistan

Beyond Islam and Security

Roger D., Phd (Eastern Michigan University, Long

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Erscheinungsdatum 01.10.2015
Herausgeber Long Roger D., Gurharpal Singh, Yunas Samad, Ian Talbot
Verlag Taylor & Francis Ltd.
Seitenzahl 214
Maße 16.4/24.1/31.9 cm
Gewicht 484 g
Reihe Routledge Contemporary South Asia Series
Sprache Englisch
ISBN 978-1-138-90347-0


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  • Introduction: Themes, Theories, and Topics in the History of Religion, Violence, and Political Mobilization in Pakistan Ian Talbot1. The Impact of the Redistribution of Partition'sEvacuee Property on the Patterns of Land Ownership and Power in Pakistani Punjab in the 1950s Ilyas Chattha2. Elections, Bureaucracy, and the Law: The Reproduction of Landed Power in Post-Colonial Punjab Hassan Javid 3. Factionalism and Indiscipline in Pakistan’s Political System Marian Mufti 4. Constructing a State: Constitutional Integration of the Princely States in Pakistan Yaqoob Khan Bangash 5.Identity Politics and Nation-Building in Pakistan: The Case of Sindhi NationalismSarah Ansari6.Understanding the Insurgency in BalochistanYunas Samad 7. A Sublime, Yet Disputed, Object of Political Ideology? Sufism inPakistan at the CrossroadsAlix Philippon8. The Rise of Militancy among Pakistani Barelvis: The Case of the Sunni Tehrik Mujeeb Ahmad 9. Pakistan's Religious Others: Reflections on the Minority Discourse on Christians in the Punjab Tahir Kamran and Navtej K. Purewal 10. Violence and State Formation in Pakistan Gurharpal Singh