Good Father, Bad Father

How Following the Right Spiritual Father Can Lead You to Eternal Life

Eliseo Santos

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You and I are now living in the End-Times. Very soon with the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ, the war between the Good Father God and the Bad Father Satan will forever be decided in favor of God. We see this war day by day unfolding in the events occurring around the world, especially in the Middle East, where now many faithful, and courageous Christian martyrs are dying and suffering extreme persecution for upholding and taking a stand for the words of the Bible and the Holy Words of God. Christians all across the world, who listen to God over man, will have to suffer a bittersweet experience.

This war is also seen in the general moral decay of our society. At one time our society valued the words of God and the principles in the Bible. In the present time, our society has lived several generations in which there has been a total disregard for God's words and principles. As a result of many people turning away from the words and principles of God, our society has started to value lies and fantasies over the truth about God and His 2nd Coming. To turn away from the voice of God and His principles in the Bible is to create a recipe of disaster for our society, whose foundation is based on the biblical principles of God.

The only prescription for this problem is to return to the Words of God, His principles, and His Ten Commandments. This prescription has to be taken by individuals out of their own free will, and cannot be forced upon them by any government or institution. Satan has planned to force upon the people of America and the world a false set of principles and commandments that are not biblical, but come from the beast system. This system is a religious system that seeks to counter the work of God and Jesus Christ on the planet.

With these things in mind, the reader of this book will learn about the history foretold by the prophets of God that were revealed in the biblical prophecies many hundreds of years before they occurred. You will learn what it really means to love God and to abide in His love. You will learn also about the importance of the Ten Commandments as the set of laws that the living, supreme, and selfless God has made available to help us prepare our minds and spirits for our heavenly glory. Besides this you will learn about the plans of Satan, the father of lies, who has devised in these last days to fool the world and many honest and sincere Christians to their ruin. All Christians must seek God in prayer. Ask for the Holy Spirit and look toward the life of Jesus Christ on earth and His biblical teachings as the only way to salvation. This book also covers the source of all the moral and spiritual corruption that is found in the world today. It is actually is found in an unlikely source.

It is by being aware of all these biblical prophecies that should cause us to wake up to the reality the world is in today and should spur us to make a decision to become a child of grace of the Good Father God through Jesus Christ's mediation in heaven. Christ is hearing at this moment the prayers of all those who seek Him and eternal life. Thus, may the Holy Spirit lead and direct you to all truth that begins and end with Jesus Christ. It is by first believing and then seeking to walk with Christ and His biblical principles, that ultimately leads an individual to be able to reach eternal life.


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