Images of Time

Mind, Science, Reality

George Jaroszkiewicz

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Buch (gebundene Ausgabe, Englisch)
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Have you ever wondered about Time: what it is or how to discuss it? If you have, then you may have been bewildered by the many different views and opinions in many diverse fields to be found, such as physics, mathematics, philosophy, religion, history, and science fiction novels and films. This book will help you unravel fact from fiction. It provides a broad survey of many of these views, these images of time, covering historical, cultural, philosophical, biological, mathematical and physical images of time, including classical and quantum mechanics, special and general relativity and cosmology. This book gives you more than just a review of such images. It provides the reader a basis for judging the scientific soundness of these various images. It develops the reader's critical ability to distinguish Images of Time in terms of its contextual completeness. Differentiating between metaphysical images (which cannot be scientifically validated) and those that could, in principle, be put to empirical test. Showing that mathematical and classical mechanical images are more complete, and genuine quantum mechanics based images have the greatest degree of contextual completeness. Through the use of a simple algorithm, the reader can decide the classification of any of the images of time discussed in this book. These distinctions are of particular importance in this day and age, when we are flooded by a plethora of competing Images of Time. Many of these have no scientific basis or empirical support or content. This book will be of value not only to philosophers, scientists and students, but also to the general reader interested in this fundamental topic, because it introduces a method of distinguishing between science fiction and science fact.

George Jaroszkiewicz is Associate Professor at the School of Mathematical Sciences, University of Nottingham, UK. He previously held positions as a Postdocotral Research Fellow at the University of Kent, Cantery, UK, and at the University of Oxford, UK.


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Erscheinungsdatum 21.03.2016
Verlag Oxford University Press
Seitenzahl 336
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Sprache Englisch
ISBN 978-0-19-871806-2

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  • 1 Introduction; 2 Observers, Contextuality and Time; 3 Subjective Images of Time; 4 Cultural Images of Time; 5 Literary Images of Time; 6 Objective Images of Time; 7 Mathematical Images of Time; 8 Illusionary Images of Time; 9 Causal Images of Time; 10 Physics and Time; 11 Biochemistry and Time; 12 The Dimensions of Time; 13 Absolute Time and Classical Mechanics; 14 The Reparametrization of Time; 15 Origins of Relativity; 16 Special Relativity; 17 Generalized Transformations; 18 General Relativistic Time; 19 Time Travel; 20 Imaginary Time; 21 Irreversible Time; 22 Discrete Time; 23 Time and Quantum Mechanics; 24 Temporal Correlations; 25 Time Reversal; 26 The Transactional Interpretation of Time; 27 Quantum Computation; 28 Quantized Spacetime; 29 Time and the Observer; 30 The Beginning and End of Time; 31 Mathematical Structures