50 Philosophy Classics

The Greatest Books Distilled. Your shortcut to the most important ideas on being, truth and meaning

Tom Butler-Bowdon

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From Aristotle to Wittgenstein, 50 Philosophy Classics provides a lively entry point to 'The King of Disciplines', helping readers comprehend key questions - and possible answers - at the center of human existence. Insightful commentaries on famous texts give a taste of the big ideas that have changed the course of intellectual history - and keep changing minds today.

EXPLORE the ideas of the great thinkers in philosophy:

Aristotle on happiness - Hannah Arendt on the human condition - Jeremy Bentham on utility - Simon de Beauvoir on the female - Cicero on duty - Confucius on responsibility - Descartes on the knowable - Epicurus on living simply - Heidegger on the meaning of life - Heraclitus on change - William James on pragmatism - Kant on moral law - Kierkegaard on faith - Leibniz on evil - Machiavelli on leadership - JS Mill on liberty - Montaigne on self-knowledge - Iris Murdoch on goodness - Pascal on God - Karl Popper on the scientific method - John Rawls on social justice - Jean-Paul Sartre on human potential - Spinoza on rationality- Wittgenstein on language and meaning

GAIN insights from leading contemporary philosophers:

Julian Baggini on the ego - Noam Chomsky on power - Harry Frankfurt on 'bullshit'
Sam Harris on free will - Saul Kripke on names - Michael Sandel on justice Peter Singer on giving - Nassim Taleb on uncertainty - Slavoj Zizek on global capitalism

DISCOVER seminal books in philosophy:

Language, Truth, and Logic - Simulacra and Simulation - The Order of Things - An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding - The Structure of Scientific Revolutions - The Medium is the Massage - Beyond Good and Evil - The Social Contract - The Conquest of Happiness - The World as Will and Representation


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