1-Page Marketing Plan

Get New Customers, Make More Money, And Stand out From The Crowd

Allan Dib

From the Introduction:

What’s This All About?

If I had to summarize the essence of this book in one sentence it would be, “the fastest path to the money.” I’ve purposely put this as early as humanly possible in the book because I don’t want to waste your time.

I know for a certainty that this opening sentence will be off-putting to a large number of people and frankly I’d much prefer they read someone else’s business book full of ear-tickling clichés like “follow your passion,” “work hard,” “hire the right people,” blah blah blah.

If that’s what you’re after, then search Amazon. There’ll be a gazillion business books there for you on all these airy-fairy concepts and much more, mostly written by professional authors and researchers who’ve never actually built a high-growth business.

This book is blatantly and unashamedly about growing your business fast and reaping the rewards of that kind of success.
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Key Selling Points:
Allan Dib published The 1-Page Marketing Plan through Amazon's CreateSpace and Kindle platforms in January 2016. It earned the position of #1 Amazon Bestseller, has sold about 50,000 copies, and has received over 500 customer reviews on Amazon.com to date-all organic-averaging 5 out of 5. Currently, this title is the number 1 for search term "marketing" on Amazon and Audible.

The author's Amazon sales have proven that there is a dedicated audience for this book, hungry for information about easy-to-create and-implement marketing plans. Now it will be available for the first time through the full book trade.

Dib runs a successful marketing firm in Australia called Successwise that specializes in helping companies create marketing strategies that will position them for growth. He conducted a limited email marketing campaign for the first edition of The 1-Page Marketing Plan and still saw dramatic results; he, plans to put the full force of his marketing power behind this trade edition. Dib is also a highly sought-after business coach, consultant, and public speaker at various events with audiences in the thousands. With an email list of over 10,000, Dib can effectively promote his books at events and speaking engagements around the world.


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