55 Smart Apps to Level up Your Brain: Free Apps, Games, and Tools for iPhone, iPad, Google Play, Kindle Fire, Web Browsers, Windows Phone, & Apple Wat

I. C. Robledo

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Build Up Your Brain the Easy Way And Have Fun While Doing It

Imagine that you had access to the best tools for learning, brain training, and problem-solving. Think what it would be like if you could easily improve your memory, focus, thinking speed, vocabulary, and more. Fortunately, you can. All you need is a smart phone or device.

Internationally bestselling author I. C. Robledo personally tested 100+ apps to come up with the best Free Apps for brain training, learning, and solving everyday problems. Smart apps are valuable to your intellectual growth because they are easily available, can adapt to your needs, and are engaging and fun.

Inside, you will discover:

- An app that has been proven to raise IQ scores in people who train with it

- A brain training app created in collaboration with scientists from Cambridge and Yale

- Two apps to help you learn almost any language you can think of

- An app that gives you something new to learn every time you access your device

- A game that lets you test yourself in over 1,000 unique topics

Here are the number of Free Apps you will find for each device:

- iPhone & iPad: 53

- Google Play: 50

- Kindle Fire: 31

- Web Browser: 24

- Windows Phone: 17

- Apple Watch: 5

Train your brain using fun and free apps, with 55 Smart Apps to Level Up Your Brain.

Pick up your copy today by scrolling to the top of the page and clicking BUY NOW.

"Master your mind - Pursue greatness in all things mind, brain, and otherwise."

The best investment we can make is to put our time and effort into building up the mind. This is the #1 tool we will use to solve problems, achieve our goals, and overcome obstacles. The mind is powerful, but its abilities are often underestimated and misunderstood. When we gain a deeper understanding of the mind and brain, we will be able to make greater progress in our personal growth, life goals, and career aspirations.

I. C. Robledo is an internationally bestselling author who received his B.A. from Purdue University in psychology, and his M.S. from the University of Oklahoma in industrial-organizational psychology. His books are meant to help readers build their intellectual, creative, and mindful abilities. Robledo writes based on both personal experience and scientific research. His key goals include building a peak performing mind for himself and helping his readers to do the same. Academic publications he has contributed to include Creativity Research Journal, Journal of Organizational Behavior, and "The Handbook of Organizational Creativity".

When not working, I. C. Robledo enjoys reading in many topics, traveling the world, and playing chess and other games of strategy.

Contact: [email protected]


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