Stop Trying to Become Who the Gurus Say and Unlock Who God Has Called You to BE in Business

Eboni Truss

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The world's business system tells us that to be successful, we have to become like the experts and gurus who offer their blueprints, formulas, and swipe copy. They say that to have what they have we must do what they do. What that has created is a "copycat culture" and a marketplace full of believers who are at a crossroads between God and business.

After being at this crossroads, Eboni L. Truss experienced her own Un-Becoming, during which she realized that since business was one of God's original ideas, He had a plan for her entrepreneurship that was unique to the way He had created her. Using biblical teaching, scriptural examples, and the transparency of her own journey, Eboni shares how you too can stop trying to become something or someone else. Un-Becoming invites you to discover instead that who God has called you to BE, is enough to build a business on.

Readers of Un-Becoming will:

  • Discover that business ownership was God's idea, so He has a vested interest in their business success.
  • Realize that they don't need someone else's blueprint, framework, or template because God has the blueprint and has a desire to share it with them.
  • Understand "who they BE" and end the frustrating cycle of "fake it til you make it," trying to become someone or something else.

Because this book will:

  • Weave the author's own story of unbecoming with Biblical teaching and opportunities for prayer and self-reflection.
  • Provide the necessary tools to equip readers to identify when they began to become and unpack how this led to identity misalignment.
  • Introduce a process to reverse the "curse of becoming" to instead transition into God's heart and BEing who He has called them to BE.

If you are someone who:

  • Is interested in growing in your businesses and in your relationship with God, but may have never made an association between the two
  • Has a strong desire to honor God with your business
  • Has a sense that you are supposed to do something incredibly significant in the world with and through your business and you have been working with gurus and experts to find out how to do that
  • Senses that there is still "more" and you are praying through that

This book was written for YOU!

Dr. Eboni L. Truss is here to lead you through your Un-Becoming. She is the founder of the Un-Becoming Movement where she equips business owners to live B.I.G. in the freedom of BEing the entrepreneur God says they BE. Described as "fiery," "anointed," "wise," "hilarious," and "accurate," Dr. Eboni's mentorship, speaking, and events empower entrepreneurs to unlock who God has called them to BE in the marketplace.Called to the coaching and training industry in 2013, "Eboni L" as she is affectionately known, spent the next several years running her business based on the world's system. After accepting God's invitation to instead partner with Him in business, she embarked on her own Un-Becoming journey. Through a series of encounters with God, He began to show her that instead of trying to become like the experts and gurus of the world, His heart was for her to BE more of the business owner - and individual - He'd already created and loved unconditionally. Now, she lives B.I.G. (Believing It's God) in her marketplace assignment and helps others to do the same.She is the chief steward of Say the L Enterprises Unlimited, which serves the business community, and visionary founder of Kappa Tau Theta Kingdom Sorority, which serves as a women's ministry. Originally from Detroit, MI, she and her wonderful husband, James, are blessed with two amazing and handsome sons and live outside of Birmingham, Alabama.


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