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It's time for a rematch. The Sequel to Warcross

Marie Lu

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Praise for Wildcard:
An Instant New York Times & USA Today Bestseller!
Fall 2018 Kids’ Indie Next List – Teen Pick
A Publishers Weekly Most Anticipated YA Book - Fall 2018
An Amazon Best Young Adult Book of the Month Pick – September 2018
An Amazon Editors' Favorite Young Adult Book of Fall 2018
A Seventeen Magazine Best YA Book of 2018
A Kirkus Reviews Best YA Book of 2018
A BuzzFeed Best YA Book of 2018

★ "Lu’s
futuristic world, with its
immersive technology, feels dangerously within reach in this
action-packed escapade with a
thoughtful, emotion-driven core."—
Publishers Weekly, starred review

★ "The
plotting is exquisite, with tiny details connecting back to the first book, big twists that never feel forced, and emotional power drawn from character growth. The
flawlessly rendered characters anchor the sophisticated themes and
world-altering stakes right up to the end game. A
fast, intense, phenomenal read."—
Kirkus Reviews, starred review

"There’s plenty of
high-stakes double-crossing here, and this finale moves along at a
breakneck clip. Series fans will be only too happy to zoom along for the ride."—

"Fans of
Warcross will enjoy even more time spent in the game, along with
intrigue, action, and mystery."—
School Library Journal

Praise for Warcross:
A New York Times Bestseller
An Amazon Editor's Favorite YA Book for Fall 2017 
An Amazon Best Young Adult Book of the Month Pick — September 2017
An Amazon Best YA Book of 2017
A Kirkus Best Teen Book of 2017
A Publishers Weekly Best YA Book of 2017

A Barnes & Noble Best Book of 2017
A Boston Globe Best YA Book of 2017

A POPSUGAR Best YA Book of 2017

A Paste Magazine Best YA Book of 2017

A Bustle Best YA Book of 2017

A 2018 YALSA Teens’ Top Ten Pick

vibrant, action-packed shot of adrenaline. Lu delivers characters with heart and determination, then sets them loose in a luminously conceived world of infinite possibility.”—
Leigh Bardugo, #1 
New York Times bestselling author of 
Six of Crows

★ “With a keen eye for detail, Lu (the Young Elites series) vividly imagines a future society where gaming is woven into daily life . . . Think 
The Hunger Games meets World of Warcraft.”—
Publishers Weekly, starred review

“Marie Lu’s 
Warcross is 
unlike anything I’ve ever read—clever, smart, romantic—yet exploding with color, action, and unrelenting speed. I flew through this book—it’s 
absolutely fantastic.”—
Sabaa Tahir, #1 
New York Times bestselling author of 
An Ember in the Ashes

★ “A 
stellar cyberpunk series opener packed with 
simmering romance and 
cinematic thrills.”—
Kirkus Reviews, starred review 

“Clear your schedule, because you won’t stop reading 
Warcross until you’re done. 
Addictive, fast-paced, and totally immersive, this book takes you from a futuristic Tokyo on a high-tech tour of incredible virtual worlds. Packed with danger, intrigue, and heart-pounding gameplay, set in a world built with an incredible eye for detail, 
Warcross is Marie Lu’s best book yet.”—
Amie Kaufman
New York Times bestselling author of 

★ “A 
highly engaging and incredibly exciting science fiction novel for young adults.”—
School Library Journal, starred review


“An immersive world that I didn't want to leave. 
Warcross is pure genius. I'm ready for the sequel!”—
Kami Garcia, #1 
New York Times bestselling coauthor of 
Beautiful Creatures and author of 
The Lovely Reckless

“[A]s brightly hued as Emika’s sleeve tattoo and rainbow hair — 
a fast-paced, fun-filled adventure.”—
The Washington Post 

“The novel is 
a page-turner, and even those who are not gamers will cheer for Emi as she tries to discover who is genuine and who is not.”—

The Hunger Games meets Minecraft as a teen hacker enters a virtual reality in Marie Lu’s electrifying novel 

inventive first in a series that showcases Lu’s versatility as a storyteller. . . . 
Dystopia, dark fantasy, and now a sci-fi thriller—what can’t Lu do? Her boatloads of fans can’t wait to find out.”—

visual, kinetic, and furiously paced as any video game. . . . It’s ‘Gleaming the Cube’ meets ‘Strange Days’ meets ‘Blade Runner,’ and it’s 
a lot of fun.”—
The New York Times 

Warcross is the kind of 
all-consuming fantasy novel that pulls you head-first into a brand new world that begins to feel so familiar you 
can’t wait to get your hands on the next one."—
New York magazine

Marie Lu is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Young Elites series, as well as the blockbuster bestselling Legend series. She graduated from the University of Southern California and jumped into the video game industry as an artist. Now a full-time writer, she spends her spare time reading, drawing, playing games, and getting stuck in traffic. She lives in Los Angeles with her illustrator/author husband, Primo Gallanosa, and their dogs.


Einband Taschenbuch
Seitenzahl 352
Altersempfehlung 12 - 15 Jahr(e)
Erscheinungsdatum 18.09.2018
Sprache Englisch
ISBN 978-1-984812-15-5
Verlag Penguin LCC US
Maße (L/B/H) 20.8/13.9/2.5 cm
Gewicht 351 g


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    Eight Days until the Warcross Closing Ceremony

    Someone is watching me.
    I can feel it-the eerie sensation of being followed, an invisible gaze locked on my back. It prickles my skin, and as I make my way through Tokyo's rain-soaked streets to meet up with the Phoenix Riders, I keep looking over my shoulder. People hurry by in a steady stream of colorful umbrellas and business suits, heels and oversize coats. I can't stop imagining their downcast faces all turned in my direction, no matter which way I go.
    Maybe it's the paranoia that comes with years of being a bounty hunter. You're on a crowded street, I tell myself. No one's following you.
    It's been three days since Hideo's algorithm was triggered. Technically, the world should now be the safest it's ever been. Every single person who has used the new Henka Games contact lenses-even just once-should now be completely under Hideo's control, rendered unable to break the law or harm another person.
    Only the few who still use the beta lenses, like me, are unaffected.
    So, in theory, I shouldn't be worried about someone following me. The algorithm won't let them do anything to hurt me.
    But even as I think this, I slow down to stare at the long line wrapping around a local police station. There must be hundreds of people. They're all turning themselves in to the authorities for anything and everything unlawful they've ever done, from unpaid parking tickets to petty theft-even murder. It's been like this for the past three days.
    My attention shifts to a police barricade at the end of the street. They're directing us to detour down a different block. Ambulance lights flash against the walls, illuminating a covered gurney being lifted into the vehicle. I only need to catch a glimpse of officers pointing up at the roof of a nearby building before I figure out what occurred here. Another criminal must have jumped to their death. Suicides like this have been peppering the news.
    And I helped make all of this happen.
    I swallow my unease and turn away. There's a subtle but significant blankness in everyone's eyes. They don't know an artificial hand is inside their minds, bending their free will.
    Hideo's hand.
    The reminder is enough to make me pause in the middle of the street and close my eyes. My fists clench and unclench, even as my heart lurches at his name. I'm such an idiot.
    How can the thought of him fill me with disgust and desire at the same time? How can I stare in horror at this line of people waiting in the rain outside a police station-but still blush at my dream of being in Hideo's bed, running my hands along his back?
    We're over. Forget him. I open my eyes again and continue on, trying to contain the anger beating in my chest.
    By the time I duck into the heated halls of a Shinjuku shopping center, rain is coming down in wavy sheets, smearing the reflections of neon lights against the slick pavement.
    Not that the storm is stopping preparations for the upcoming Warcross closing ceremony, which will mark the end of this year's games. With my beta lenses on, I can see the roads and sidewalks color-coded in hues of scarlet and gold. Each Tokyo district is highlighted like this right now, the streets shaded the colors of the most popular team in that neighborhood. Overhead, a lavish display of virtual fireworks is going off, piercing the dark sky with bursts of colored light. Shinjuku district's favorite team is the Phoenix Riders, so the fireworks here are currently forming the shape of a rising phoenix, arching its flaming neck in a cry of victory.
    Every day over the next week or so, the top ten players of this year's championships will be announced worldwide after a vote by all Warcross fans. Those ten players will compete in a final, all-star tournament during the closing ceremony, and then spend a year as the biggest celebrities in the world before they play again next spring, in the o