Apprenticeship Training: A Model for the Future?

Zeitschrift Konjunkturpolitik, 48. Jg. (2002), Heft 3-4 (S. 229-389).

Rainer Winkelmann

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How to provide training for youth is one of the fundamental questions a society faces and which must be answered by each generation anew. An ever-changing economic environment poses a constant challenge to both - the content of the training as well as the means by which it is provided. Also, societal preferences are subject to change. How well are the existing institutions of education and training equipped for dealing with and adjusting to the changing requirements, or even for anticipating new ones?

This collection of papers takes up the case of the apprenticeship. Since it has proven to be the most important pillar of training for non-college-bound youth in many Western European countries - with other countries considering its implementation as well - the topic of apprenticeship calls for up-to-date in-depth analysis:

If so, to what extent is training actually beneficial to the two main parties involved: the trainees and the firm?

What prospects do graduating apprentices face on the labor market?

What is the relationship between apprenticeship training and early career mobility?

What are the costs and benefits to firms offering apprenticeship training?

What is the socially optimal amount of training?

The release of new and improved datasets allowed many new and interesting questions to be raised that could not have been studied with previously available data. The book provides a valuable resource to anyone interested in apprenticeship training, whether for academic purposes or as practitioner.


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  • Inhalt: D. Clark / R. Fahr, Transferability, Mobility and Youth Training in Germany and Britain: A Simple Theoretical Analysis - R. Euwals / R. Winkelmann, Mobility after Apprenticeship. Evidence from Register Data - A. Werwatz, Occupational Mobility after Apprenticeship: How Effective is the German Apprenticeship System? - F. Büchel / M. Pollmann-Schult, Overcoming a Period of Overeducated Work: Does the Quality of Apprenticeship Matter? - D. Fougère / W. Schwerdt, Are Apprentices Productive? - S. C. Wolter / J. Schweri, The Cost and Benefit of Apprenticeship Training: The Swiss Case - M. Beckmann, Wage Compression and Firm-Sponsored Training in Germany: Empirical Evidence for the Acemoglu-Pischke Model from a Zero-inflated Count Data Model