Yes Lives in the Land of No: A Tale of Triumph Over Negativity

A Tale of Triumph over Negativity

It seems like everywhere we turn, we're confronted by shaking heads, thumbs down, brick walls, brush-offs, and closed doors. NOs surround us-in our workplaces, in our communities and places of worship, in government, in social settings, in schools, and even within our families.

Whether you're applying for a job, making a request, looking for a house, dating to find the right mate, seeking some type of approval, selling a product or an idea (or yourself), or trying to organize others into getting something accomplished, you're going to encounter rebuffs and resistance. What can you do to overcome so much negativity?

This wise, insightful parable follows our hero who ventures into the Land of NO in search of YES. He watches well-intentioned characters flounder and fail-while noticing other characters using different approaches and achieving success. Our observant hero learns from others' experiences, as well as his own.

Through his journey, you will discover how you, too, can persist in the face of frequent NOs - both the NOs uttered by people around you and, perhaps more importantly, the insidious NOs whispered by your own inner voices.

The second half of the book takes you from parable to practice-with proven tips, tools, and strategies to help you persevere, develop tenacity, persist in the face of rejection, and overcome the inertia of the status quo. Taken together, the two parts of this book provide a how-to manual that's both practical and entertaining. It will help you find the YESes you seek-faster, more effectively, and with a lot less discouragement and despair in the process.
B. J. Gallagher ist Seminarleiterin und Inhaberin der Personaltrainings- und Beratungsfirma Peacock Productions, die unter anderem DaimlerChrysler, Kellogg, Chevron und IBM zu ihren Kunden zählt.
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  • Preface
    Part I - The Parable
    Part II - From Parable to Practice
    Is the Land of NO Familiar to You?
    Where to Begin ...
    Do You Work in the Land of NO?
    The Language of NO
    What Lies Behind the Language of NO?
    Some of the Many Reasons Why People Say NO
    Counter-Strategies for Turning NO into YES
    How Do You Know When NO Is Final?
    Is It Them . . . or Us?
    Mistakes We Make When Searching for YES
    What Do You Hear When Someone Says NO?
    Learning from NO
    A Case Study: Power of Positive Persistence
    Creating a World of YES Wherever You Are
    If You're a Manager or the Leader of a Group . . .
    How Do You Find Your Way Through the Land of NO?
    About the Authors and the Illustrator
    Information about Seminars, Keynotes, and Consulting
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