Slotten, R: Heretic in Darwin`s Court - The Life of Alfred R

The Life of Alfred Russel Wallace

Ross A. Slotten

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During their lifetimes, Alfred Russel Wallace and Charles Darwin shared credit for the independent and almost simultaneous discovery of natural selection. Yet few people today know much about Wallace. "The Heretic in Darwin's Court" explores the controversial life and works of this Victorian traveler, scientist and spiritualist.

Ross A. Slotten, M.D., is a family practitioner in private practice in Chicago. He is a Wallace enthusiast and has retraced a number of Wallace's travels in Indonesia.


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Erscheinungsdatum 09.05.2006
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  • IntroductionOrigins of a HereticThe Struggle for ExistenceA Daring PlanTravels on the AmazonAnd the Rio NegroDisaster at Sea... and a Civilized InterludeThe Malay ArchipelagoThe Mechanism RevealedBeautiful DreamerA Turn Toward the UnknowableThe Olympian Heights and the Beginnings of the FallWallace and The Descent of ManThe Descent of WallaceThe War on SpiritualismPhoenix from the AshesTo the Land of Epidemic DelusionsThe New NemesisThoroughly Unpopular CausesSatisfaction, Retrospection, and WorkA National Treasure CelebratedBiographical Index