Zoja, L: Growth and Guilt

Psychology and the Limits of Development

Luigi Zoja

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The relentless exploitation of the earth's resources and technologys boundless growth are a matter of urgent concern. When did this race towards the limitless begin?
The Greeks, who shaped the basis of Western thinking, lived in mortal fear of humanity's hidden hunger for the infinite and referred to it as hubris, the one true sin in their moral code. Whoever desired or possessed too much was implacably punished by nemesis, yet the Greeks themselves were to pioneer an unprecedented level of ambition that began to reverse that tabu.
If it is true that no culture can truly repudiate its origins, and that gods who are no longer potent can vanish but still leave behind a body of myth which coninues to live and assert itself in modernized garb, then our concern with the limits of growth reflects something more than an awareness of new technological problems - it also brings to light a psychic wound a a feeling of guilt which are infinitely more ancient.

Luigi Zoja, geboren 1943, ist Psychotherapeut (eigene Praxis) in Mailand sowie Lehranalytiker und Dozent am C.G.Jung-Institut in Zürich. Zahlreiche Buchveröffentlichungen.


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