Virtues in the Public Sphere

Citizenship, Civic Friendship and Duty

James Arthur

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James Arthur is Deputy Pro Vice Chancellor and Director of the Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues at the University of Birmingham.


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Herausgeber James Arthur
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Erscheinungsdatum 27.11.2018
Sprache Englisch
ISBN 978-1-138-58573-7
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    Foreword: Lord James O’Shaughnessy

    Introduction: James Arthur

    Section 1 Virtues and Vices in the Public Sphere

    Chapter 1: Virtue against sovereignty – John Milbank

    Chapter 2: Reducing Arrogance in Public Debate – Alessandra Tanesini

    Chapter 3: Moral Education, Skills of Civility, and Virtue in the Public Sphere – Jonathan Jacobs

    Chapter 4: Vice, Public Good, and Personal Misery – Jonny Robinson

    Chapter 5: Patience, Temperance, and Politics – Kate Philips

    Section 2 Civic Friendship and Virtue

    Chapter 6: Is There a Plausible Moral Psychology for Civic Friendship? – Blaine J. Fowers

    Chapter 7: Populism and the Fate of Civic Friendship – Randall Curren

    Chapter 8: Education for Living Together in a Diverse UK: A Role for Civic Friendship, Concord and Deliberation? – Andrew Peterson

    Chapter 9: Resilience and Hope as a Democratic Civic Virtue – Nancy E. Snow

    Chapter 10: Trust as a Public Virtue – Warren J. von Eschenbach

    Chapter 11: Virtue, Education, and Political Leadership in Plato’s Laws – Mark Jonas

    Chapter 12: Rethinking Self-interest and the Public Good – Mary Elliot and Jeffery S. Dill

    Chapter 13: Fostering Purpose as a Way of Cultivating Civic Friendship – Kendall Cotton Bronk and Rachel Baumsteiger

    Section 3 Perspectives on Virtue and the Public Sphere

    Chapter 14: Responding to Discord: Why Public Reason is not Enough – John Haldane

    Chapter 15: Designing for Dialogue: Developing Virtue Through Public Discourse – Harry H. Jones IV

    Chapter 16: Virtù revisited – Edward Skidelsky

    Chapter 17: Democratic change and ‘the referendum effect’ in the UK: reasserting the good of political participation – Joseph Ward

    Concluding Remarks: James Arthur