Hist Of Sub-Saharan Africa

Robert O. Collins, James M. Burns

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In a trawl through the entire sweep of sub-Saharan history, the authors have written an accessible introduction for students and general readers. The opening chapter on geography and climate frames the discussion, demonstrating how the environment has shaped the societies and cultures of those living in the region. Thereafter they describe the rise of states and empires in the classical period, the slave trade within Africa and beyond to the Americas, and the European conquest. The concluding section focuses on Africa in the twentieth century as it gains independence and searches for a new identity beyond colonialism. While the authors mull over the debates which have shaped the study of African history, at the centre of this story are the tragedies, triumphs and the resilience of the African people. The book is illustrated with photographs, maps, and sidebars which feature the salient points on either side of the debates.


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Erscheinungsdatum 01.02.2007
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ISBN 978-0-521-86746-7
Verlag Cambridge University Press
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  • Introduction; 1. The historical geography of Africa; 2. Kingdoms on the Nile; 3. The peoples of sub-Saharan Africa: society, culture and language; 4. Crops, cows and iron; 5. North-East Africa in the age of Aksum; 6. Empires of the plains; 7. East Africa and the Indian Ocean world; 8. The lake plateau of East Africa; 9. Societies and states of the West African forest; 10. Kingdoms and trade in Central Africa; 11.The peoples and states of Southern Africa; 12. The arrival of the Europeans in sub-Saharan Africa; 13. Diseases and crops: old and new; 14. Slavery in Africa; 15. The Atlantic slave trade; 16. The Asian slave trade; 17. Prelude to the European conquest of Africa; 18. The European conquest of Africa; 19. Africans, Dutch and the British in South Africa, 1480–1910; 20. European colonial rule in Africa; 21. The colonial legacy; 22. Nationalism and the independence of colonial Africa; 23. The union of South Africa and the apartheid state; 24. A decade of hope; 25. Cold War Africa; 26. Africa at the beginning of the twenty-first century.