The Quiet Journal

Discover Your Secret Strengths and Unleash Your Inner Power

Harness your hidden talents, empower communication at home and at work, and nurture your best self with this guided journal based on the #1 New York Timesbestselling phenomenon Quiet

Susan Cain’s 
Quiet permanently changed how we see the psychology of introverts and, equally important, how introverts see themselves. Now here is the companion journal for the textbook introvert, the natural extroverts, and everyone in between, with a self-assessment quiz and powerful prompts that take you on the 
Quiet journey to becoming a stronger, more confident person.


In part one, you’ll learn more about yourself and your own mindset and temperament, make progress towards self-awareness, and realize your own authentic qualities and worth. Then, in part two, you’ll put that knowledge into practice with prompts for taking action to better empower yourself when communicating with family, friends, or colleagues.


With a lay-flat cover, smooth writing paper, and a ribbon marker, 
The Quiet Journal is a beautiful and accessible tool for reflection and exploration.
Susan Cain is the cofounder of Quiet Revolution and the author of Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking, which has been translated into forty languages and has been on theNew York Times bestseller list for over eight years. Cain is also the author of the bestseller Quiet Power: The Secret Strengths of Introverts, the cofounder of the Quiet Schools Network and the Quiet Leadership Institute, and one of LinkedIn's top influencers. Her TED talk has been viewed more than twenty million times and was named by Bill Gates as one of his all-time favorite talks. An honors graduate of Princeton Law School and Harvard Law School, she lives in the Hudson River Valley with her husband and two sons.
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  • Introduction

    “The quieter you become the more you can hear.”
    —Baba Ram Dass, Spiritual Teacher

    I am fascinated by introversion—and the power that inheres in it—but following the publication of
    Quiet, I wasn’t expecting my book to reverberate so forcefully. I’m grateful that it has. And I’m indebted to the many readers who have come forward with their own stories of sometimes feeling out of place in a world that seems to worship what I call the Extrovert Ideal. What’s evident in their stories is how much the world has to gain by recognizing the specific gifts that come with an inward focus. 

    Many of us have spent years ignoring our preferences and overlooking our strengths. We have been interrupted, spoken over, persuaded into going along with other people’s plans and ideas. 

    With this journal, I hope you’ll have the opportunity to explore and develop the strengths of your own temperament. The prompts will help you reconsider some of your existing ideas about shyness, lead you to uncover your hidden assets, and guide you to make the incremental changes that will increase your energy. 

    I invite you to answer these questions and work through the exercises without worrying too much about what you write. Don’t overthink your answers. It doesn’t matter how things sound. The space of this journal is a private one, and in our highly digitized lives, that’s a rare thing. So embrace it. No one will read your responses. No one will offer a thumbs-up or counter opinion. It’s not worth coming up with a polished answer to any given prompt, because in that polish, you’d lose something of your inner voice, and that’s the voice you need to listen to. 

    By giving yourself the stretch of quiet time necessary for any journaling practice, you’re already ahead of the game. This inner journey is one you have to take alone, but there are many of us walking quietly on our own paths right beside you. 

    Susan Cain
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