Davis, M: Culture Broker - Franklin D. Murphy and the Making

Franklin D. Murphy and the Transformation of Los Angeles

Margaret Leslie Davis

Buch (gebundene Ausgabe, Englisch)
Buch (gebundene Ausgabe, Englisch)
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Franklin Murphy? It's not a name that is widely known; even during his lifetime the public knew little of him. But for nearly thirty years, Murphy was the dominant figure in the cultural development of Los Angeles. Behind the scenes, Murphy used his role as confidant, family friend, and advisor to the founders and scions of some of America's greatest fortunes—Ahmanson, Rockefeller, Ford, Mellon, and Annenberg—to direct the largesse of the wealthy into cultural institutions of his choosing. In this first full biography of Franklin D. Murphy (1916-994), Margaret Leslie Davis delivers the compelling story of how Murphy, as chancellor of UCLA and later as chief executive of the Times Mirror media empire, was able to influence academia, the media, and cultural foundations to reshape a fundamentally provincial city.
The Culture Broker brings to light the influence of L.A.'s powerful families and chronicles the mixed motives behind large public endeavors. Channeling more than one billion dollars into the city's arts and educational infrastructure, Franklin Murphy elevated Los Angeles to a vibrant world-class city positioned for its role in the new era of global trade and cross-cultural arts.


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Erscheinungsdatum 24.08.2007
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  • preface: the art of the trustee / xi

    prologue: something to prove / 1

    The Kansas Mission . The Mad Governor versus the Boy Wonder . Imprinted by the Heartland

    part i: chancellor

    one: into the pastel empire / 21

    A City Rethinking Itself . The Three Powerful Southern Regents . Lure of an Adolescent City . The Investiture of Otis Chandler

    two: ucla in worldwide terms / 42

    Taking Command: Hail to the Hills of Westwood . Funding Culture in the Cold War . The Titan Chancellor . Symbols of Authority . The Scions Paul Mellon and Henry Ford II

    three: turmoil and golden moments / 75

    Opening Night, Los Angeles Music Center . Opening Night, Los Angeles County Museum of Art . The Shadow behind the Golden Glow: The Watts Rebellion of August 1965 . University in Turmoil . Colossal Construction . A Threat to Clark Kerr . The Rise of Ronald Reagan and the Fall of Clark Kerr

    four: 1968—year of crisis / 102

    The Embattled Chancellor . Resignation . The Death of Howard Ahmanson

    part ii: chairman

    five: the chancellor becomes ceo / 119

    “A Beauty to Behold” . The Interlocking Directorate . Politics and the Mighty Chandlers . Jubilant Republicans and the Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board

    six: the chandler empire in the watergate years / 138

    A Time of Scandal . The Picasso Room . A Family Crisis . The Passing of Norman Chandler . “A Cancer on the Presidency” . Pressures and Prestige . The Forced Retirement of Dorothy Chandler

    seven: power and philanthropy / 172

    Pushing the New York Times off Its Perch . Henry Ford II versus Lee Iacocca .The Legacy of Howard F. Ahmanson . The Impact of the Ahmanson Foundation on Los Angeles . The Confirmation of Nelson Rockefeller . The Chairman of Times Mirror Retires . Golden Donors

    part iii: trustee

    eight: the los angeles county museum of art / 209

    The Pursuit of Norton Simon and Armand Hammer . The Challenge for a New Director . The County Museum in Peril . Los Angeles in “Art Heaven”

    nine: the national gallery of art / 239

    Joining Forces with J. Carter Brown . The Visit of Princess Diana . Courting Collectors Armand Hammer and Walter Annenberg . Trusteeship and Successorship

    ten: the samuel h. kress foundation / 261

    The Kress Brothers . Giveaways and Preservation

    eleven: the j. paul getty trust / 273

    Family Dynamics . An Afternoon with J. Paul Getty . The Getty Curse . The Richest Museum in the World . A Golden Moment for Harold Williams . An Acropolis for Los Angeles

    twelve: three that got away / 319

    The Deceptions of Armand Hammer . The Lost Treasures of Norton Simon . The Fateful Wounding of Walter Annenberg

    part iv: steward

    thirteen: changing of the guard / 347

    A Time of Loss . New Era, New Leaders, New Priorities . Building a Multicultural City . Linking Los Angeles’s Libraries . Civic Pride and Civil Unrest . Rescue for the Huntington Library

    fourteen: the doge of los angeles / 373

    Chaos at the County Museum . Shifting Leverage . Final Bows

    afterword: the mosaic city / 389

    acknowledgments / 393

    notes / 395

    selected bibliography / 451

    index / 463