Home-Based Medical Care for Older Adults

A Clinical Case Book

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  • Home-Based Medical Care for Older Adults


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  • Home-Based Medical Care for Older Adults

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As the population of older adults in the U.S. continues to grow, medical house calls are increasingly part of a system of comprehensive home-based care for patients who have difficulty accessing office-.based care. Clinicians who have been trained mostly in office and hospital settings must adapt their usual approaches to accommodate a wide range of environmental, social, and physical circumstances that impact home-limited patients. Ideally, a comprehensive team of clinicians proficient in multiple domains of functional, social, and medical care can work together to address potential gaps in any one clinician’s expertise. Unfortunately, such teams are still rare. This book aims to equip individual clinicians with the interdisciplinary knowledge, skills, and perspective they need to provide the best care possible with limited formal interdisciplinary support.

This book offers 20 patient cases drawn from the collective experience of experts in home-based medical care from highly respected academic and clinical programs across the United States. Each case demonstrates a scenario that is frequently encountered and/or very important in home-based medical care practice. Each scenario frequently proves to be challenging for many professionals because it requires an approach or leverages aspects of care delivery that most are not trained in. Additionally, each scenario reflects an approach to care that is enhanced by interdisciplinary input. Finally, each case lends itself to a practical problem-solving approach that could be accomplished by most home-based medical care providers, even in the absence of an interdisciplinary team.

Written by interdisciplinary experts in geriatric home-based care, this book serves as both an educational tool for learners in all related disciplines as well as a quick reference for experienced clinicians looking to augment their existing house call “toolbox.” 

Jessica Colburn, MD

Assistant Professor of Medicine

Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Division of Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology

5200 Eastern Avenue, Suite 2200

Baltimore, MD 21224

Bruce Leff, MD

Professor of Medicine

Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Division of Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology

5200 Eastern Avenue, Suite 7000

Baltimore, MD 21224

Jennifer Hayashi, MD

Medical Director, MedStar House Call Program

5601 Loch Raven Boulevard

Smyth Building, Suite 201

Baltimore, MD 21239

Mattan Schuchman, MD

Medical Director, Johns Hopkins Home-Based Medicine

5200 Eastern Avenue, Suite 2200

Baltimore, MD 21224

Dr. Bruce Leff is a professor of medicine at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. He holds a joint appointment in the department of health policy and management in the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Dr. Leff is an internationally recognized leader and researcher in the development, evaluation and dissemination of novel models of care for older adults, including the Hospital at Home, Guided Care, geriatric service line models and medical house call practices. In addition, his research interests extend to issues related to multi-morbidity, performance measurement and case-mix issues. He has a strong interest in health policy issues, is a Health and Aging Policy Fellow of the American Political Science Association, and has served on multiple technical expert panels for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.  In 2016, he published Geriatric Home Based Medical Care with Springer Science+Business Media, which remains the only authoritative texts on the subject.


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Herausgeber Jessica L. Colburn, Bruce Leff, Jennifer Hayashi, Mattan Schuchman
Seitenzahl 142
Erscheinungsdatum 30.09.2019
Sprache Englisch
ISBN 978-3-030-23482-9
Verlag Springer
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  • 1. Involuntary weight loss

    Bruce Leff, MD 

    2. Assessing Decision-Making Capacity

    Sharon Levine, MD, Megan Young, MD

    3. Acute illness at home

    Abigail Holley Houts, MD

    4. Dementia Behavior Management

    Erin Zahradnik, MD, Katherine Wang, MD, Shahla Baharlou, MD, & Jonathan Ripp, MD, MPH 

    5. Bacteriuria in a Patient with Incident Delirium

    Thomas E. Finucane, MD

    6. Caregiver Burden

    Mia Yang, MD & Rachel Zimmer, DNP

    7. Elder Abuse and neglect

    Ania Wajnberg, MD, Sarah Koppel, MD, Fay Kahan LCSW 

    8. Management of Frequent Falls

    Mattan Schuchman, MD, Joe Graziano

    9. Home Assessments: Improving Patients’ Capacity for Self-Management

    Monika Robinson, OT, Sarah Szanton, PhD, ANP

    10. Transitioning to long-term care

    Namirah Jamshed, MD

    11. Pressure Injuries

    Yasmin Meah, MD, & Fred Ko, MD, Elizabeth Arrabito, MD 

    12. Opioid management

    Elizabeth McCormick, MD, Meng Zhang, MD

    13. Social isolation

    Thomas K.M. Cudjoe, MD, Jessica Colburn, MD

    14. Serious mental illness

    Sonica Bhatia, MD, Victoria Kopke, MD

    15. Functional Rehabilitation and Realistic Goals 

    Jennifer L. Hayashi, MD, Cindy Seidenman, PT 

    16. Polypharmacy

    Melissa Morgan-Gouveia, MD 

    17. Telephone medicine

    Christian Escobar, MD, Cameron Hernandez, MD 

    18. Morbid obesity

    Jean Yudin, MD, Bruce Kinosian, MD

    19. Urinary Catheter Management at Home

    Rachel Kaplan, RN, Karen Abrashkin MD, Konstantinos E. Deligiannidis, MD, MPH

    20. End of life care

    Ina Li, MD, Linsey O'Donnell, MD