MacCulloch, D: Tudor Rebellions

Diarmaid MacCulloch, Anthony Fletcher

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Praise for previous edition 'Tudor Rebellions is one of the most successful undergraduate textbooks of the past half century. Elegantly written, meticulously arranged and crammed full of vivid detail, it has introduced thousands of students to some of the most fascinating and controversial episodes in English history. Now, in this splendid new edition, Diarmaid McCulloch brings the story fully up-to-date, incorporating the findings of the very latest historical research and surveying the field with his customary gimlet eye.' Mark Stoyle, University of Southampton, UK 'Tudor Rebellions has been required reading for my students for over thirty years. It provides superb and concise accounts of the rebellions and deftly sets them in their context.' J. Sears McGee, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA 'Tudor Rebellions is an incomparable teaching tool. It contains lucid narratives of complicated events along with sophisticated synthetic and analytic essays that provide contexts for the meticulously chosen primary sources. In sum, the book has everything needed to give students a chance to "do" real historical work.' Freddy C. Dominguez, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, USA

Diarmaid MacCulloch was Professor of the History of the Church in the Faculty of Theology and Religion at the University of Oxford. His previous publications include Reformation: Europe’s House Divided, 1490–1700 (2003), A History of Christianity: The First Three Thousand Years (2009) and Thomas Cromwell: A Life (2018). Anthony Fletcher was Professor of History, University of Essex.


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  • List of illustrations Preface to the seventh edition Acknowledgements Chronology Who’s who Part I The background Chapter 1 The shape of Tudor society Chapter 2 Ideas of submission, ideas of justice Part II Descriptive analysis Chapter 3 The first Tudors: from rebels to rulers Chapter 4 Rebellions in the era of Thomas Cromwell Chapter 5 The Western Rebellion Chapter 6 Robert Kett and the ‘rebellions of Commonwealth’ Chapter 7 Wyatt’s Rebellion Chapter 8 The Northern Rebellion Chapter 9 Epilogue Part III Assessment Chapter 10 Rebellion and Tudor government Part IV Documents Document 1 The Duke of Norfolk to Wolsey, 1525 Document 2 The examination of Nicholas Leche, 1536 Document 3 The Lincoln Articles, 1536 Document 4 The Oath of the Honourable Men, 1536 Document 5 Robert Aske to the lords at Pontefract, 1536 Document 6 The Pilgrims’ Ballad, 1536 Document 7 The commons of Westmorland to Lord Darcy, 1536 Document 8 Advice to the Pilgrims at Pontefract, 1536 Document 9 The Pontefract Articles, 1536 Document 10 Richard Morison, A Remedy for Sedition, 1536 Document 11 The examination of Robert Aske, 1537 Document 12 Petition of Suffolk bondmen on the former Howard Manors of Kelsale, Framlingham, Peasenhall and Earl Soham to Protector Somerset, 1547–48 Document 13 The demands of the western rebels, 1549 Document 14 A Copy of a Letter, 1549 Document 15 Philip Nichols’s Answer to the Commoners of Devonshire and Cornwall, 1549 Document 16 The Council to the Justices of the Peace of Devon, 1549 Document 17 The Council to Lord Russell, 1549 Document 18 ‘Kett’s demands being in rebellion’, 1549 Document 19 Royal letter to those assembled in Norfolk, 1549 Document 20 Nicholas Sotherton, ‘The Commoyson in Norfolk’, 1549 Document 21 William Paget to Protector Somerset, 1549 Document 22 Sir Thomas Wyatt’s scheme for a local militia, 1549 Document 23 The Tower chronicle, 1554 Document 24 The proclamation of the earls, 1569 Document 25 Sir Ralph Sadler to Sir William Cecil, 1569 Document 26 The examination of the Earl of Northumberland, 1572 Guide to further reading Index