The Gabriel Extortion

Harlen Campbell

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Tony Massini died when Gabriel dusted a concert audience with botulism toxin. The poisoning killed dozens of people and devastated his best friend, Danny Murphy. Then Danny learns that Gabriel warned the city about the poisonings in a threat that included a crazy demand for money and a bacteria sample with a biohazard warning.

The news that Tony's death could have been prevented leaves Danny reeling. He becomes obsessed with revenge and hunts for Gabriel while the number of victims skyrockets and the death count soars. Botulism spreads through the city. Its source can't be found until a test of Gabriel's sample reveals that common bacteria have been modified using the CRISPR technology to produce botulism. The city is quarantined.

Gabriel sends another threat and begins poisoning the money supply. The death count jumps again. The search becomes so desperate that government reaches an uneasy truce with the scientists. Danny continues his hunt for vengeance while social upheaval upends society.

Gabriel releases his final threat: Pay me now or I'll publish the genetic code that turns any living organism into a plague. Then he publishes his secret before he can be paid. Why? If not the money, what did Gabriel really want?

New plagues appear outside the quarantine line, diseases added onto modified bacteria found in every human mouth or gut. Flesh-eating bacteria and worse horrors, spread by a touch, a kiss, or just a sigh. The quarantine line collapses, then reverses. Instead of the outside world locking the city in, the city tries to lock the world out. Danny loses hope of revenge as he loses his family, his city, his confidence in the future. Everything has changed. He has no idea who or what to blame. He isn't even sure blame matters. He just needs to find his way in a world where maps are redrawn from day to day and the needle on his moral compass spins out of control.

A writer of science fiction, mystery, and suspense novels, Harlen Campbell lives simultaneously in Cave Creek, AZ, and Huntington Beach, CA. His interests lie in the nature of the individual's relationship to society and to the world, but he is willing to apologize if they show up in his writing. In fact, he believes that a writer's primary obligation is to entertain, and that he should only be allowed to fool around with ideas if his readers don't notice what he's up to.

His last novel, PLENUM, is an epic road novel where the road stretches from a fallen time ship deep in the last ice age to a critical meeting of the Polar Council in 7296 AD. The travelers include a student kidnapped from New York three years before the towers fell, a soldier of the Lord's Own Infantry who died in Africa defending the one true faith from the heretical defenders of another one true faith, a couple of hundred years later, and the daughter of a Princess of Troy who spent her childhood watching Khufu build his pyramid before she was exiled to the New Stone Age. Naturally, they also include the obligatory Knight with tin legs, a Dragon Mother with an interesting family, and a desperate battle for the salvation of the universe.

Campbell's first novel, Monkey on a Chain, was released by Doubleday in 1993. The book was the first of a series built around the character of Rainbow Porter, who has been described as a "throwback to the outlaw/heroes of the old west." In fact, Porter was inspired by a combination of John D. Macdonald's Travis McGee and television's Paladin character, with more than a touch of the pirate thrown in. In addition to favorable reviews, Monkey was an alternate selection of the Book of the Month Club. It was also released as a trade paperback by Poisoned Pen Press of Scottsdale, AZ, and is available from the Poisoned Pen bookstore and website as well as Amazon.

He attended New Mexico State University and has BA's in English and Journalism and an MA in English Literature. Except for a brief stint as a journalist with the US Army and an even briefer one teaching college English, he never used his degrees professionally. Although he admits to no hobbies and energetically avoids most forms of exercise, Campbell enjoys an occasional solitary walk. In general, he prefers beaches to mountains, warmth to cold, indolence to industry.


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