A complete guide to Linux command line for beginners, and how to get started with the Linux operating system!

James Arthur

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Linux is an operating system that is seriously underrated, and in the eyes of many is far superior to any Windows or Mac OS available. Using Linux as your operating system can allow you to better improve the performance of your computer, save yourself money on licensing and applications, and even protect you from malicious viruses.

This book covers the basics of Linux, explaining the different versions that are available, along with their varying capabilities.

Inside, you will discover how the Linux OS functions, how to install it on your computer, and even how to begin using the command line to perform various tasks.

Whether you want to use Linux for all of your computing needs, or if you're simply curious about this revolutionary open-source operating system, this book provides a solid foundation of knowledge to get you started!

Here Is What You'll Learn About...

What Is Linux?

How To Install & Set Up Linux

Fine-Tuning Your Hardware

The Features Of Linux

How To Use The Linux Command Line

Advanced Commands

Benefits Of Linux

Much, Much More!


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ISBN 978-1-76103-286-8
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