Ancient Greek Divination

Daniel Johnston

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The first English-language survey of ancient Greek divinatory methods, "Ancient Greek Divination" offers a broad yet detailed treatment of the earliest attempts by ancient Greeks to seek the counsel of the gods. Offers in-depth discussions of oracles, wandering diviners, do-it-yourself methods of foretelling the future, magical divinatory techniques, and much more Illustrates how the study of divination illuminates the mentalities of ancient Greek religions and societies

Sarah Iles Johnston is Professor of Greek and Latin and Director of the Program in the Study of Religions at The Ohio State University. She is the author of Hekate Soteira (1990) and Restless Dead (1999) and the editor or co-editor of Medea: Essays on Medea in Myth, Literature, Philosophy and Art (1997), R eligions of the Ancient World: A Guide (2004) and Mantike: Studies in Ancient Divination (2005). Her most recent book, which she co-authored with Fritz Graf, is Ritual Texts for the Afterlife: Orpheus and the Bacchic Gold Tablets (2007).


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