Guardians From Zxerag (The Michaelson adventure, #1)

B. M. Thoresson

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Looking down from where he stood he could see the trees on the left and the cliff on the right, in the middle was a path about 100 meters wide, Mike decided that if he stayed close to the trees, then he should have a clear run down the mountain, that should take him to supper time, he would then call it a day and start early the next day on the other side of the mountain.

Mike started down the mountain slope, and as he picked up speed, felt a surge of power go over him and shower him with snow. Out of the corner of his eye he saw something crash into the trees. Stopping to look at what had happened. Mike could not believe his eyes, there, stuck between the trees, lay a flying saucer.

Smoke was coming from the craft and the door had come open from the crash.

Mike approached the craft very cautiously.

Mike went into the craft and saw two bodies on the floor of the craft, there was a small fire and a bit of smoke in the cabin, Mike then picked up the bodies one by one, and took them outside where he laid them on the ground. He inspected the bodies to see if they were alright, and he then went back into the cabin of the craft and using what looked like a fire extinguisher, put out the fire.

When he emerged from the craft, one of the occupants was sitting next to the other one, Mike went to him and very sheepishly asked, "Good day, are you ok?"

To Mike's surprise, the person replied, "Yes, thank you, you have just saved our lives."

His appearance was no different from that of any other human being.

The two aliens got up and brushed themselves off, and looking at Mike the leader introduced himself.

"I am Morg, and this is Alf, we come from the planet Zxerag." Morg said, "We are the guardians of Earth." Morg explained.

Volume 1

word count 33,940

Hi, my name is B.M. Thoresson. I am 65 years old. Everyone has a dream. Mine was to be a successful sailor. I got injured in 2012 and was put on a pension. I woke up one morning and started to write stories. This is one of them, and I trust you will find it entertaining.

find me on facebook: Brian Thoresson


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Erscheinungsdatum 14.05.2020
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