Friends Reunited (The Michaelson adventure, #4)

B. M. Thoresson

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"I think we have a problem. It would seem that they have equipment which detects and blocks any surveillance entering their space. Our thermal cameras don't penetrate the walls, so we can't see behind them."

Mike listened to all of this and said, "Yes you are right, they have equipment which can prevent anything we have from gaining information." Mike stated and carried on. "Leslie many years ago they made a tubular thing which you could see through and it brought everything closer, do you know what it was called?" Mike asked. Leslie laughed and said, "A telescope."

Mike shook his head in acknowledgement. "Very good, they then made it possible for a person to use two eyes to bring things closer, what did they call that?" Mike asked again.

The team all looked at Mike as if he was mad. "They called it binoculars." Leslie answered.

Mike carried on, enjoying the look on their faces. "Correct, then they made an instrument which can see through walls and I don't mean the thermal camera, what is that?" The team all looked dumbfounded.

They had never heard of instruments which could see through walls. "I really do not know.' Leslie answered. Mike looked around at the team. They all shook their heads. "Gentlemen it is called a window, and if you place a couple of strong telescopes at the right angle, then you will be able to see some of what goes on in the castle." Mike replied laughing at their reaction.

Hi, my name is B.M. Thoresson. I am 65 years old. Everyone has a dream. Mine was to be a successful sailor. I got injured in 2012 and was put on a pension. I woke up one morning and started to write stories. This is one of them, and I trust you will find it entertaining.

find me on facebook: Brian Thoresson


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