Planet Zxok (The Michaelson adventure, #2)

B. M. Thoresson

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Earlier on Zxerag, Vicky was walking with her friends through the market when she was approached by a very handsome young man, "Your Highness, I have heard that you are looking for exquisite items from any of the other planets?" he said.

Vicky looked at him trying to recollect if she had seen him before, he did look vaguely familiar, but could not say for sure.

"Yes, I want something as a present for someone special," she said.

Looking her in the eyes, the young man smiled and said.

'We could not get a stall in the market this week," and he carried on, "So we had to go to the stall on the other side of town," he concluded.

Vicky looked at him and asked if they would be there the next day.

"Oh yes Your Highness, we are there every day." He replied.

"Good, then I will be there tomorrow." Vicky said.

38,600 words

The next day Vicky informed her father that she was going to the bottom market to see what she can buy.

"Look out for thieves, you know they are busy there," he told her.

So she went to the bottom market and started looking for the young man she spoke to the previous day.

As she approached the last stall, a woman came to her and told her that they had items for sale which was not to be bought by any other stall. So Vicky followed her into the stall. As she entered she felt something go around her face and fainted.

"Quick, get her to the ship so we can take her to Zxok", the young woman said.

Vicky was wrapped in a blanket and carried to a ship which stood on the side of the market. When Vicky awoke she found herself on board the ship, tied to a post so that she couldn't leave her cabin. It took two days for them to reach their destination.

They took Vicky to Zxok where she was put into a very luxurious room.

She was still baffled about the reason for her kidnapping, when the door opened and Zzess entered.

Standing over 2m tall, Zzess made a very striking figure.

"Good evening Princess, I apologise for this inconvenience, but it is necessary to ensure I am placed on the throne.' Zzess said to her.

Vicky looked at him and asked, "And who are you exactly?' she asked.

He looked at her, admiring her calmness, bowing to her he answered, "I am Zzess, the future ruler of Zxok," he boasted.

She looked him in the eyes and said, "You know. You will not get away with this. To abduct a member of the royal family is punishable by death." Vicky said.

He laughed at her and said, "Where do you think they will find your kidnapper?"

To this she calmly answered, "Prince Mike will find you, and you will be punished." Vicky said.

Hi, my name is B.M. Thoresson. I am 65 years old. Everyone has a dream. Mine was to be a successful sailor. I got injured in 2012 and was put on a pension. I woke up one morning and started to write stories. This is one of them, and I trust you will find it entertaining.

find me on facebook: Brian Thoresson


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