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Book Club: A Journal

Prepare for, Keep Track of, and Remember Your Reading Discussions with 200 Book Recommendations and Meeting Activities

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Ever wish you had a place to capture your conversations about books? Join the club!

Whether your meetings are organized affairs or excuses to gather with friends, this brightly designed journal gives you plenty of space for writing, a reading list of crowd pleasers, and fun icebreakers so you can show up and share. Inside you'll find

• entries to catalog the discussion for each meeting
• plenty of pages to record your personal thoughts
• space to note what you ate and drank
• suggestions for fun activities to try during your meetings
• curated lists of compelling books to read together

Book Club: A Journal acknowledges the wide range of interests and reading habits within book clubs, with recommendations organized in a way to help readers discover new voices from all kinds of backgrounds. Never again will you have to search far and wide to find your next great read!

With an active online community, Read it Forward celebrates the love of reading in a shout-it-from-the-rooftops kind of way. By helping readers discover exciting new books and amazing authors, they aim to guide readers toward their literary future with books that inform, entertain, and inspire through unique online experiences.


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