From Thug to Scholar

An Odyssey to Unmask My True Potential

James Arthur Williams

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This is an odyssey about failure, rejection, redemption, and triumph where I had to rise above religion and embrace God's true gift, a relationship. My path might be different than yours, but our barriers are all the same. I chased successes that were based off of manmade ideals, so I sought money, fame, acceptance, love, and respect from others; instead of probing inward and seeing my hidden self. This is a book about our odyssey to unmask to our true potentials, so we can express godly love and die to categorical (i.e., race, income-level, sexual preferences, age, and etc.) beliefs. My categorical death aroused me to unmask from a confused thug to an enlightened scholar.

"Dr. Williams is most certainly a teacher. I think his story and the messages throughout this book have something to teach everyone. Specifically, Williams writes his life story with an instructional, yet emotional tone that compels the reader to empathize with struggling youth. I can feel his passion to liberate young people who are on the good boy vs. bad boy fence from subcultural bondage. I found myself fascinated with William's childhood antics, which probably seemed simple to adults but were intensely complicated and profound for Williams and his peers.

Young Williams lived a parallel existence that was sad, inspiring, hopeful, and humorous at times. I'm so thankful he survived and thrived and has articulated his discoveries and evolution toward peace in this thoughful book. Every teacher, every parent, every pastor, and every youth counselor should read this true life account of one man's contemporary "odyssey" toward fulfillment!"
Jody Cantrell Dyer, author of The Eye of Adoption

Brief Bio:

Currently, Dr. Williams serves as an associate professor (tenured) at the University of Tennessee and is the owner of UNMASKYTP, LLC, training domestic and international leaders to dwell in joy while seeking curiosity in every pursued endeavor. He teaches mindfulness, various leadership tactics, and one-on-one coaching to build brighter leaders for the future. He has worked with leaders in Spain, South Korea, Bulgaria, China, and at many Fortune 100 companies.

Dr. Williams is also a professional actor, in multiple TV shows, such as Murder Chose Me and a SAG movie role, Marbles and Bullets, as Uncle Tom. He wrote four books, Check Your Life: Be Limitless and From Thug to Scholar are his most noticeable books. He has also published over 17 scholarly articles and delivered over 30 invited presentations to academic and industry leaders.

Dr. Williams has a passion for collaborating with unique individuals, and he is committed to seeing the positive attributes like and conflicting personalities; he believes all play a pivotal role in creating productive teams. Dr. Williams thinks leaders must generate strategies to demonstrate the value of all teammates.

Dr. Williams earned six degrees (two doctorates), Ph.D. from Iowa State University. He honorably served the United States Air Force, winning Airman of the Year. He played professional arena football for the Raleigh Rebels (2005-2006). Dr. Williams has industry experience in the dental, banking, sales, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, hotels, and education. He is also a Certified Hospitality Educator and trainer.

Dr. Williams was also recognized as a Top 15 Emerging Scholar of 2019 by Diverse: Issues in Higher Education. Dr. Williams also was a featured speaker for TEDx UTK in 2019. Best international mentor for Chinese Hospitality Education Initiative for the 2019 national championship in Shanghai, China.


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