Extended Summary Of Mindset: The New Psychology Of Success - Based On The Book By Carol Dweck

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Extended Summary Of Mindset: The New Psychology Of Success, By Carol Dweck - Written By Mentors Library

Do you get overwhelmed when dealing with difficult situations?

Do you feel stuck and dejected? Are you afraid to face life?

Adopt a new psychology of success and change your attitude, you will reach your goals.

This work analyses the differences in people's lives, differences that can be explained by the attitude with which complex situations are assumed. It proposes a change of mindset to boost success and happiness.

Brief Biography Of The Original Author

Carol Dweck is an academic in the psychology department at Stanford University. The central theme of her research is the relationship between motivation, personality and development. Her concepts of "fixed mindset" and "growth mindset" have illuminated the field of self-improvement.

What Will You Learn?

You'll get to know strategies and suggestions to improve yourself in order to achieve your goals.

You'll discover how to get rid of your fixed mindset to adopt a developing mindset instead, which will allow you to overcome obstacles and succeed.

You'll understand that failures and difficulties are opportunities that challenge you to overcome yourself and move on.

You'll manage to stand in front of the world with all your gifts and talents, and you'll reach your goals.


Chapter 01: Is The Mind Formed By Genetic Predisposition Or By Practice And Dedication?

Chapter 02: What Are The Differences Between A Fixed Mind And A Growth Mindset?

Chapter 03: Is Natural Talent The Most Important Factor For Success?

Chapter 04: Is A Person Who Feels Perfect And Complete Actually Happy?

Chapter 05: Is It Beneficial To Fail And Make Mistakes?

Chapter 06: Can Skills Be Developed In Adulthood?

Chapter 07: When Is A Person Really 'A Genius'?

Chapter 08: What Is The Difference Between Being Known And Knowing?

Chapter 09: What Is The Perfect Recipe For Success?

Chapter 10: What Influence Do Role Models Have In Life?

Chapter 11: Are There Impossible When There's Motivation?

Chapter 12: How Does A Progressive Mindset Influence Our Relations With Others?

Chapter 13: How To Contribute To A Child's Growth Mindset?

Chapter 14: Where Is The Road To Happiness?

About Mentors Library

Books are mentors. Books can guide what we do and our lives. Many of us love books while reading them and maybe they will echo with us a few weeks after but 2 years later we can't remember if we have read it or not. And that's a shame. We remember that at that time, the book meant a lot to us. Why is it that 2 years later we have forgotten everything? That's not good.

This summary is taken from the most important themes of the original book.

Most people don't like books. People just want to know what the book says they have to do. If you trust the source you don't need the arguments. So much of a book is arguing its points, but often you don't need the argument if you trust the source you can just get the point.

This summary takes the effort to distill the blahs into themes for the people who are just not going to read the whole book. All this information is in the original book.


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