The Mama Sutra: Ancient Positions and Practices to Soothe the Modern Baby

Ancient Positions and Practices to Soothe the Modern Baby

Allie Kingsley Baker, Tony Baker

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The Mama Sutra gives clear, practical advice for surviving the first months of parenthood. This book is an entertaining read for any parent dealing with newborn issues such as gas, constipation, fussiness, and sleeplessness."—
Dr. Blake Alban, MD, pediatrician, UCLA

The Mama Sutra presents a wealth of wisdom and proven tactics for parents dealing with everything from gas to teething to sleep issues—and even tips to relieve their own stress. Sleep-deprived parents can easily flip to the topic they need and find solid, expert advice delivered with a dose of humor. This book is what every new parent needs.”—
Dr. Sammy Kim, MD/MBA, Robertson Pediatrics

“Written with such an amusing and approachable rhythm,
The Mama Sutra is unexpectedly practical and hysterically realistic. I’ve answered these questions over and over again over 12 years of practice, but never with such wit and and grit. This is a perfect little handbook for your new parenting adventures.”—
Dr. Alexandra McCollum, MD, Beverly Hills Pediatrics

"The feeling of helplessness as a new parent when you can't calm your fussy baby is gut-wrenching. Thanks to 
The Mama Sutra you will be a hero in your little one's eyes."—
Chris Pegula, author of 
Diaper Dude

"Whether you’re a first time parent or going for your second or third, you’ll appreciate having
The Mama Sutra—essentially a holistic baby coach—in the palm of your hand. It’s light and fun—and most importantly, it works!"—
Jenna Dewan

“No more frantic Googling needed! These tried and true practices presented in a lighthearted and straightforward way makes 
The Mama Sutra a must for all parents. Happy farting!”—
Kate Albrecht and Joey Zehr, Mr. Kate

"“This hilarious and insightful book is the kind you will read over and over. I honestly might have a third kid just to put some of this new information to use. Insider note: Froggy Style, not just for babies."—
Jenny Mollen Biggs, New York Times bestselling author of I Like You Just the Way I Am

“Who knew there were so many ways to burp a baby?! Thanks to T
he Mama Sutra, first time parents like us will be better equipped to face the sleepless nights to come.“—
Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon 

“Allie and Tony have found the cure to the feeling of desperation all parents feel when our baby is experiencing any level of discomfort: simple solutions confirmed by pediatricians, plus a spoonful of the best medicine there is—humor."—
Nicky Hilton

"What is so remarkable about 
The Mama Sutra is that it is based on the simple idea of responding to our child’s attempts to communicate. It reminds us, 
Hey, our children are humans, too! With poses that actually work, 
The Mama Sutra is a parenting bible that is light but effective. I wish I had read it when my reflux baby desperately needed a Burping Buddha for either of us to make it through the fourth trimester."—
Jennie Mo, Founder and CEO, Mo’Mommies

Allie Kingsley Baker is an author and lifestyle expert. Her novels and cowritten celebrity books address hot topics in pop culture, lifestyle, and parenting.
Tony Baker is an award-winning animated screenplay writer. Tony and Allie live in Los Angeles with their incredibly demanding bosses, Kingsley and Rocco Baker.


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