What Mummy Makes Family Meal Planner

Includes 28 brand new recipes

Rebecca Wilson

Buch (Taschenbuch, Englisch)
Buch (Taschenbuch, Englisch)
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Let Rebecca Wilson, the mum behind @whatmummymakes, show you how to cook a week's worth of simple, healthy and delicious meals to wean your baby while feeding the rest of the family, too.

Rebecca's recipes are fresh, accessible, nutritious and, most importantly, made with the whole family in mind - which marks this book out from others in the field. Her philosophy is that parents can wean their babies by eating alongside them, adapting grown-up food for little ones - and this book is the perfect tool to help you plan fantastic meals for the whole household.

There's a checklist of the first 100 foods to tempt your baby with, and 28 healthy recipes organised by mealtimes, which will have even the fussiest older siblings asking for seconds.

Apart from the numerous joys and benefits of sharing family meals, Rebecca's vision offers the perfect chance for adults to rethink how they eat, too. Rather than putting baby first and opting for fast, unhealthy options for themselves, every parent is encouraged to share in nutritious and delicious meals as they introduce their little ones to new foods for the first time.

Use the meal planner like a record book, not just for baby but for the whole family, including older children. There's space to fill in everyone's names and favourite meals. The book also includes sections for you to come up with your own recipes, make notes, and organise shopping lists stress-free.

Follow the What Mummy Makes method and you'll find weaning can be a breeze for the whole family.

Rebecca Wilson is a mum, recipe developer and founder of What Mummy Makes food channel. Sharing her easy, quick, fresh meal ideas, suitable for all the family, including babies reaching the weaning milestone as well as older siblings, Rebecca wants to show parents and carers that introducing solid foods can be fun, exciting, easy and most importantly... delicious! Her first book
What Mummy Makes published in July 2020 to immediate acclaim and quickly became a chart and Sunday Times bestseller. Rebecca recently featured in the prestigious Mother & Baby 'Mum List 2020', the reader-voted list of 20 top UK mumfluencers, and won Gold in the Best Instagram Accounts To Follow in the Weaning Week Awards 2020. Find out more at whatmummymakes.co.uk.


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