Diving in the Inner Ocean: An Introduction to Personal Transformation Through Diamond Inquiry

An Introduction to Personal Transformation through Diamond Inquiry

Dominic Liber

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“I am delighted that Dominic Liber has written this book. As a teacher of the Enneagram, students often ask me what to do with the knowledge they acquire. And my response is that without
practice, such learning cannot take us very far. But here, in
Diving in the Inner Ocean, Dominic has provided a beautifully written, lucid, and friendly introduction to what I see as the central practice for working with our personality and for exploring the deeper mysteries of our essential nature—the practice of inquiry. This book guides us step by step into developing the tools and capacities for inquiry, and whether you are an experienced meditator or are new to inner work, the teachings here are a treasure trove of helpful experience and insight. I enthusiastically recommend this book.”—Russ Hudson, author of
The Enneagram: Nine Gateways to Presence, and co-author of
The Wisdom of the Enneagram

“The cosmic ocean of consciousness is such a magnificent vastness—but where to begin? Are you sitting at the shore longing for a way in? Or adrift with only a memory of a rogue wave that grabbed you only to deposit you back on the sand, helpless to find your way back? Do you think the ocean of consciousness is just one thing and miss the riches it holds? With his friendly, encouraging guidance, Dominic illuminates the way to inner exploration with a heart of adventure and the wisdom of a seasoned diver. The pages drip with the presence of the sea as he sharpens our diamond inquiry skill with the innate inner resources that have all but been forgotten. He deftly points us toward the numinous presences of strength, kindness, and steadfastness and sets our curiosity free to explore uncharted waters—all of it—the sparkling, the turbulent, the surface, and the depth. He leaves no shell unturned. Better yet, you will discover all of the magical treasures hidden within each one. Dominic offers an invitation to return to our natural condition as part of that vast sea. You are fluid as an octopus and bright as the bioluminescence that lives at the mysterious depths. Come on in! The conditions are perfect for a dive!”—Karen Johnson, cofounder of the Diamond Approach and author of
The Jeweled Path and co-author of
The Power of Divine Eros

“A brilliant, welcoming gift to the whole world. Dominic Liber lays out a lucid, warm path for becoming competent in an essential skill, diamond inquiry: a contemporary method for uncovering and manifesting our true nature. His work is kind and accompanied in every step with practices, warnings of pitfalls, and pre-forgiveness for any mistakes. Anyone seeking a direct experience of their authentic self will be well served by this compassionate, deeply human, and generous teaching.”—James Flaherty, MCC, author of
Coaching: Evoking Excellence in Others and founder of New Ventures West and Integral Coaching®

“Dominic’s book elucidating the revolutionary practice of inquiry as practiced in the Diamond Approach path is excellent. The process of inquiry allows us to penetrate through our egoic experience and discover the treasures that lie beyond, and is a game-changing innovation in spiritual technology. With clarity and simplicity, he shows us how to navigate our inner life, likening it to learning how to skillfully scuba dive. The analogy of learning to dive into the ocean that he follows throughout is an apt one. He teaches us how to move beneath the surface of our experience and explore what underlies it. As our acclimation to our inner ocean deepens and we become more comfortable, he takes us into the depths of what’s possible for us as human beings to experience. Not only descriptive but filled with exercises for the reader to practice, it is essential for those new to inquiry and a great enhancement for those already familiar with it.”—Sandra Maitri, author of
The Spiritual Dimension of the Enneagram and
The Enneagram of Passions and Virtues

DOMINIC C. LIBER is an explorer, teacher, and writer, following a lifelong passion for both the magical and mystical, and the scientific and rational. He leads groups and courses on the Diamond Approach, does research, and works one-on-one with students in the UK and in South Africa. He personally has found the Diamond Approach to be the most resonant and powerful way to discover, understand, and liberate the mysterious and limitless potentials of a human being.


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